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The Needle: HU! Oh No! Edition

"Do Something About These Asians.": Recent Democratic primary winner Marion Barry told attendees of his victory speech last night that he's going to do something about the "dirty" Asian-owned shops in Ward 8. Watch the tape. It's hard to imagine a not-problematic spin on his words. -3

Jet Shutter Lag: NASA jets will be flying over D.C. tomorrow to DCist reports: "The training mission is being coordinated with the FAA, so there won't be any scrambled jets from Andrews Air Force Base and impromptu Top Gun-style dog fights in the sky over our fair city tomorrow." +2

Just In Time For Summer!: Food truck Pleasant Pops has been angling for cash to launch a brick-and-mortar store on Kickstarter, and in just three days, they've gotten nearly all the cash they need: "Pleasant Pops crossed the $20,000 mark yesterday—and it still has 22 days left in its 30-day campaign. Some 309 backers kicked in the money that owners Brian Sykora and Roger Horowitz say they need for the finishing touches on a space at the corner of Florida Avenue and California Street NW, less than a block north of U Street." This is dangerously close to City Paper offices, but we are certainly not complaining. +3

At Least The Marching Band Isn't In Trouble: We've been reporting all afternoon about Howard University's decision to suspend all of its athletic teams pending review of possible violations. Follow this post for details. -3

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  • Political Observer

    While Barry's phrasing was inartful, to put it mildly, the crux of the matter is the stores are a drag on communities because they choose to cling to an outdated business model--lotto & liquor. It is time to demand more & use public policy tools to do better.

  • drpolisci

    Perhaps CM Barry could have worded his comments more artfully but the truth is there. It is not only Asian owners but so many of the establishments in Ward 8 are dirty. And the owners have the nerve to put up plexiglass. I live in Ward 8 and I REFUSE to patronize some of the establishment because i am nnot into filth and dirt.

  • JustMe

    drpolisci, well, someone is patronizing them, or they wouldn't stay in business. And no one else is able to or wants to start any businesses there that are apparently up to your standards. DC isn't hostile to "dirty" businesses. They're hostile to businesses, period.

  • Typical DC BS

    And Ward 8 wonders why it continues to lag behind when Barry gets reelected time after time, even though his race-mongering BS is played out, but his "core" still votes for him, stupid-ass beliefs or not.