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Photo: Dog Looking in Window

400 Block H Street, NW.  Feb. 26.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Vance on the Warpath Edition

Can You Hear Me Now?: Add cell phone bills to the long list of ways the D.C. Council has managed to waste money this year (besides Lincoln Navigators and trips to New Hampshire, of course). Roaming charges and extensive messaging added up to $61,000 in cell phone bills over the last year for the council [...]

ToDo ToDay: City Paper’s Suggestions for February 27, 2012

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Greetings, D.C.! What's on your agenda this weekend?
Prohibition Was About Booze, But Also Jews: What could Prohibition have to do with anti-Semitism? It’s easy to forget, now that the nationwide booze ban is [...]

New Study: Fewer Kids Were Living In Poverty Three Years Ago

There's been some touting of a recent Annie E. Casey Foundation report that the number of children in D.C. living in concentrated poverty—neighborhoods where 30 percent of residents live below the poverty line—has decreased to 33,000. The Examiner notes: "The number is an 11 percent drop from the 37,000 children counted in 2000, while the national [...]

Photo: Occupy Homes Protest

300 Block 7th Street NW. Feb. 27. © 2012 Matt Dunn

Metro Customer Survey Doesn’t Want To Know What You Really Think

Unsuck DC Metro—the independent blog that serves as a running WMATA complaint tracker—says the latest Metrorail customer survey is bogus. On most questions, riders are expected to pick between the choices offered by Metrorail. Unsuck consults a pollster who responds: "It's a very obvious push poll. Useable input from customers is not the goal here as [...]

Photo: Pennsylvania Ave

© 2012 Michael W. Hicks

More Perks Of Warm Winter: Fewer Potholes

WTOP reports that pothole complaints are down, thanks to the mild weather we've been having:
The D.C. Department of Transportation reports a 22 percent drop in the overall number of service requests for pothole repairs. That breaks down to about 5.8 repair requests per day, compared with 7.6 daily service requests the previous year.
Potholes are created [...]

District Line Daily: Redskins in D.C. is “Fantasyland,” Why It’s So Hard To Film Movies In D.C

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Good morning from Washington City Paper! It's Monday. Did anyone else see the AmEx [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: Seemingly Chinese Translation Edition

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Or, You Could Pay the Ticket: "I wanted to post that last night at 2:30 am I received a $50 ticket for "Fail to properly affix stickers". My sticker is displayed where is should be, and all information on [...]

Photos: Noon:30 and Priests

The Needle: Falling Profits Edition

Falling Profits at Post Co.: After a brutal third quarter last year, the Washington Post Company—which owns the Post—posted a 22 percent decline in profits in the fourth quarter of last year, reports the, uh, Post. Why so bad? The stricter rules regulating for-profit college recruitment, plus the bad press the Post Co.'s Kaplan for-profit [...]

NOROVIRUS WATCH 2012: Which School Will Get Hit Next?

Last week, George Washington University released a statement to students, faculty and staff saying that norovirus was to blame for 85 cases of illness in students across the campus. Since then, universities around D.C. have been working to prevent the spread of norovirus by releasing statements urging students to wash their hands.
This week, Howard University [...]

ToDo ToDay: City Paper’s Suggestions For The Weekend of February 24, 2012

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Strictly For The Freaks: Carl Craig, native of Detroit, is a citizen of the universe. Through his uncountable aliases and projects, the producer and DJ has taught [...]

This Week’s Page Three Photo

5100 Block of Nicholson Lane, Kensington, Md., February 18
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