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Don’t Have Babies Out Of Wedlock: Post Columnist Who Had A Baby Out Of Wedlock

Amid all of the head-smacking this Post piece on having babies out of wedlock has produced, two questions arise: In what world does a) having a husband guarantee that raising a child will be easier and b) having a husband guarantee that one will always have a husband?

She The People-land, I guess.

Photo by Fauxlaroid via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License

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  • JAY

    There are no guarantees, but as Damon Runyon said, "That's the way to bet."

  • Old man

    There are no guruantees in life but there's what's likely, what's more than likely, and what's likely assured. C'mon black woman don't fool yourself if 73% of black children born out of wedlock it's no wonder we are disproportionally poor, suffering from poor health, less educated, and more likely to be incarcerated. Two parent households make a big difference and it's disappointing to see a black woman suggesting that it's a false goal. Kids probably look up to you...

  • Ruth Jean

    Yes, I agree with this post. It is not so good to have a wedding because you are pregnant. It will not help your relationship and could mislead you in future. It is better to have a baby out of true love. :)