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Whole Lot Of Robbery Going On

WJLA reports that there have been at least 18 armed robberies since Monday—an abnormal spike— including one last night:

But Thursday night there was the 11th armed robbery Northwest DC has seen since Monday, a huge spike from normal.

Thursday morning, there were three other armed robberies in Northwest, including on Decatur Street, M Street not far from the White House, and at 20th and N near Dupont Circle.

One DC council member says residents will be less of a target if they don’t talk on cell phones or use headphones while walking.

Although most of the robberies have been after dark, some have been during the day.

Police wouldn’t say what they’re doing to try to stop these robberies, but one official says they’ve stepped up patrols.

On Tuesday, cops said in a release, they arrested two people suspected of committing multiple robberies on Monday, with spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump noting, "These arrests follow two significant arrests of additional suspects who were both apprehended within the last five days in connection with multiple armed robberies and car jackings."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Ward-8

    Do you ever notice, the majority of all robberies occurs in areas and States where there are rigid guns and conceal carry laws. I guess that fact escape the knowledge of the thugs. If a few of these terroists were to occasionaly receive a bullet, the crime of robbery and a lot of other crimes would be reduce by at least 95%.But then again that wouldn't be political correct to harm a thug!!

  • r. u. kidding

    I didn't know M ST went close to the white house

  • Typical DC BS

    The nerve of those victims, walking around talking on their phones or being plugged in so tightly they didn't know they were going to be robbed. Good thing DC Police are there to spread that warning.

  • Win the Future

    Did you ever notice that the robberies in Washington, DC take place in an area that has one of the highest numbers of highly trained federal law enforcement officers per capita? Secret Service, FBI, FBI police, ICE, US Marshals Service, Capitol Police, Supreme Court Police, NCIS, CID, DSS, US Park Police, National Park Service Rangers, US Mint Police, ATF, Amtrak Police, National Zoo Police, the Smithsonian's Office of Protection Services, the US Postal Police Force, and the US Postal Inspective Service.

    Given the already high risk of crooks coming against an armed member, be it an on-duty or off-duty officer, of any one of these agencies, I don't see why it is reasonable to expect that laxer conceal carry laws would make a lick of difference.