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Marion Barry Dissed By Ward 8 Rapper-Politician

Uh oh, Marion Barry is a bit upset by a newly leaked "diss track" from Larry Pretlow, the 22-year-old who ran for ANC in Ward 8 in 2010 (and lost) and suggested he'd be running for Barry's seat on the D.C. Council in the future. At the time, Barry told TBD: “Good luck. He won't get it any time soon.”

Pretlow later ran for a seat on the State Board of Education, but lost to Trayon White—though he's apparently mending fences with some former opponents.

Now, DMV Pulse says the former mayor-for-life is "outraged" by the new cut from Pretlow's rap alter-ego, LaPret:

Sources close to Barry, reported to us via telephone conversation on Thursday that the song reached Barry's office on the day before and was brought to the Councilman's attention – upon hearing the record (not sure if he heard the clean or explicit version) Barry became outraged.

My ears for lyrics aren't what they used to be, but here's my interpretation of LaPret's verse mentioning the mayor:

Mayor-for-life, they re-elect
And whenever they do that we suffer lack
See I'm the next mayor, head the Wilson Building
Hold the key to the city, 'cuz I drop millions
On and on and on I can go
About what they write and what you don't know
on and on and on I can go
So call Spike Lee, tell him get me a show

Listen to the track:
LaPret Problem in Harlem Explicit 320

We're reaching out to Pretlow for comment.

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  • B-DC

    I wasted 5 seconds of my life reading this shit!?!?!

  • SEis4ME

    Pretlow, sit cho dumb ass down somewhere. Somebody needs to counsel you against making a fkn fool of yourself.

    So much potential. Too little common sense.

  • VonniMediaMogul

    ROTFL! Good job Pretlow. I just hope you perform it at the next Ward 8 Democrats meeting... with Barry present.

  • Tranica

    Is about time! Yes, Marion Barry did good for the city then but its 2012 how long do you keep voting him back? What has he done that would warrant his re-election?

    I respect PRETLOW for saying what so many kiss-AZZ-es are afaird too!

  • FYI

    Pretty sure DMV Pulse and Larry Pretlow are the same thing and/or are related. DMV Pulse has been sending these bogus "press releases" out for months saying this and that celebrity (as well as anyone with a modicum of name recognition) is "offended" by this or that song by LaPret --- someone I am sure most of these bigger name folks have never even heard of.

    I love you Shani but you just fell for the okey doke. DMV Pulse/Pretlow have been sending this things out for months and you are the first one to fall for it.

    The running for political positions Pretlow is clearly NOT qualified for, the insane outbursts, and these juvenile "diss records" (who still does those in 2012?) are just desperate attempts of a fame chaser and an untalented one at that.

    This cat needs to go back to his day job (admin assistant) and start seeking some professional help ASAP.

  • DestinyDavis

    Hahaha no DMV Pulse is a new and growing news blog.
    We are not the same as Larry Pretlow.

    Im sure this comment comes from Nikki Peele and thats ok just speak up babe and write your real name instead of FYI - this way we can approach you and resolve all conflicts.

    We dont send bogus email and Washington City Paper didnt fall for anything

  • NewcombStWard8

    Bad press is Good press! Good Job! Marion Barry has done us good but what's he doing now? Thought, so.

  • seeseehpounder

    My ears just vomited listening to that. Sounds like a casio and an old school nintendo soundtrack mashup. That being said, I think this guy would be a great mayor. Diss records are so much better than a resume.

  • Tyrone M Frisby

    Well, they talked about Jesus, and it sounds like they recruited this young man.

    Your Honor, please remember this one made this town proud to be a place for Black people to live. This warped young man sounds like a one night stand gone wrong.

    I love you man, keep stepping.

  • AngieWard8

    Good job Mr. Pretlow! You said what a lot of people don't have the guts to whenever they vote back these people "we suffer lack", I hear you its not just about Marion Barry.

  • NmartinWard8

    Im glad he said what he said. It's true we keep voting back these crooks and then we complain about not having anything. Barry did us good once upon a time. Time is up!

  • james wattson

    LOL. He's right tho. Everytime we reelect these dumb politicians who are censored from even passing a law cuz they are snakes. We the ppl suffer. I love Barry, but he is censored from doing anything to help us. No one likes him but his own fans. But seriously he's free to say he wants. Ur saying wat u want about the rapper.

  • Damarj

    Yayyyy more attention for Barry....and I'm bEing sarcastic .... he need to go. All them old heads do. Its new generation. Only people still voting in DC anyway are over 30.

  • SEis4ME

    Whether Pretlow says what other people won't is rather irrelevant.

    What he IS doing IS making it certain that he has little to no political future because he chose to make an ass of himself with this sort of tomfoolery.

    Dumb little kid.

  • Von

    If it's not true, then why is MB upset??? Pretlow wrote/said 2 lines and MB gets upset?? The truth hurts, huh MB??? For the last two terms, I don't see any vast improvements in Ward 8. We live in the gloomiest part of DC with trash everywhere. And t hose are just two small issues that could have been corrected a long time ago. People need to stop living in the past, I don’t know about you, but I deserve better for my taxed dollars.

  • blkwrestl

    I won't listen to the track but all I have to say is if people want Barry out, then these folks need to have a credible candidate to take his place. If you are really concerned about Ward 8 and want more services, present a viable candidate. These gentrifyers who are always screaming will be moving to the burbs as soon as they have kids and long for yards and big houses. This trend is nothing new. People flocked to the cities in the 20's, 30' 40's and 50's only to eventually move to the burbs. So again, if you want a city haven, in Ward 8 get a credible candidate, not a SS or a army boy or a former barry hack or whatever else is running.