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People In D.C. Really Want To Live In Bethesda

Real estate search company Trulia has mined the data from its users' housing searches and made cool-looking maps out of it. In D.C., users who are looking for new places to live outside of D.C. really, really like looking at houses in Bethesda (and Baltimore).

The love is mutual, apparently: Bethesda residents spend a lot of time looking at houses in D.C.:

Maybe they can just trade houses!

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  • Mrs. D

    Or people who live in DC want to stay here, but will take Bethesda or Baltimore, and people who live in Bethesda really want to stay there, but will take DC or Baltimore. I think the lede is that people in the DC area really want to stay in the jurisdiction they currently live in, which bodes well for DC...people are not clamoring to get out, while others will happily come in.