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Occupy D.C. Still Camping, Sort Of

While Monday was supposed to be the end of sleeping and camping in McPherson square, the tents remain. According to the Examiner, the National Park Service is allowing tents to stay—they just can't have any bedding in them.

Protesters at both D.C. camps simply adjusted to the new regulations and continued on as they have before. Most tents have been cleared of bedding and many protesters have found other places to sleep — in churches, with friends and sometimes on the streets. Others are complying with the ban by not sleeping at all. A handful of Occupiers on a "sleep strike" haven't slept since Monday morning and say they won't sleep until the Park Service stops enforcing the ban.

A good portion of Occupiers are still sleeping in the park in defiance of the Park Service's order.

"I'm sleeping here because a person has to find someplace to sleep," said Camilo Brokaw, 24, of Albuquerque, N.M. "There's a big community here that doesn't have somewhere to go."

But even though police patrolled the camp twice in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, checking tents for slumbering protesters, they made no arrests, protesters said.

Photo by Matt Dunn

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  • dcresident

    Well, I am glad to see the Natl Park Service is as useless as they appear.

    What exactly was the point of declaring camping off limits know, aren't going to enforce it?

    I really wish this group of directionless unwashed hobos and purposely unemployed 20 somethings go home to their 1% mothers and fathers and take their "misunderstood angst" because despite what they think, they aren't doing me (a 99 percenter) any favors. They embarass me, they embarass themselves.

  • Lee Walstad

    I think it's good that these people are here. They need to stay and grow their strength so they can march on the Department of Energy building. That's where the main corruption in the nation is located.

  • Hoekom Jy My Haat

    99% of DC residents want them to go the ef home. They take over our parks, inconveniencing those who work around it. Their antics in the streets prevent people from getting to work on time, or getting home quickly. The extra money to pay for the police is not being reimbursed by the Federal Gov't, but is being paid for by District residents.

    Time to end this abuse and kick them all the effin out!

  • Typical DC BS

    Good thing the Park Service is on it. They look absolutely ridiculous. Let's hope they cut the funding for the Park Service Police to $-0-, since they refuse to enforce the law anyway. Maybe that will get their attention.