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D.C. Court: Assign Judges To Fired Teachers

Hundreds of teachers who were terminated under policies instated by former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee will finally be getting a chance to appeal, reports the Examiner:

The District's highest court ordered the D.C. Office of Employee Appeals to figure out a way to resolve delays in assigning judges to outstanding cases within the next 20 days.

The agency is supposed to hand out decisions within 120 days. But that wasn't happening, and with hundreds upon hundreds of teachers fired in the last few years, the backlog became startling.

We've said this before, but the speedy mass dismissal of teachers—including, yes, bad teachers—probably wasn't the best move. At least based on the repercussions the system is dealing with now.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • American Rogue

    Box-head" Rhee pimped the school system. She brought in a gang of high paid people who literally had to ask their staffs how to perform their jobs. When she was installed as chancellor, she stated various actions she wanted to make. At no time did she indicate what studies she had previously performed to determine what the school system’s strengths and weaknesses were and why her proposed changes would address those deficiencies. All she did was make broad sweeping statements, raked in outrageous salaries for herself and her appointees, and ruin careers of the existing DCPS employees!

    If she is such a education visionary with valid ideas, why is it no other school system has engaged her to lead their system? Is it possible that no else (capable of placing her in a school system leadership role) recognizes her qualities? Perhaps it is the case she has been exposed for the Bullshit artist that she really is?

  • NicScorp

    Anyone who thinks that DCPS will go back and research how many people were fired unfairly and compensate them are crazy. NONE of the teachers fired in October 2009 were rehired. I know because I am one of them. I still cant believe that a high ranking official such as Michelle Rhee can "create" a false situation regarding a school budget and call a press conference 6 months later and say "Oops! There wasn't a budget deficit after all but I'm not hiring back the people who were fired unjustly. I'll just use the money elsewhere. COMPLETELY UBSURD. She should have been investigated and fired herself. It was a way for principals to get rid of the highest paid people in the building other than themselves, and people that they didn't like. If you knew the process they used to choose who would be fired, it would make you scream. "Prove you're an asset to the school?" HOW DARE YOU! The younger, cheaper teachers they hired and retained have no support, no veteran teachers in the building to provide assistance to them and have to contend with a ridiculous evaluation system (IMPACT). Most of them are from out of state and when they work enough years to cancel some of their student loans, they return to the small cities they come from and teach there. DC TEACHERS WHO ARE BORN AND RAISED HERE DONT LEAVE AND WE CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE KIDS! There is a lot more that went on with that whole situation than most people know. Their claim that 70% of people got other positions in the system is an outright lie. I was never called for anything, not even a desk job downtown so you know the firing was personal. I was on the job for 5 weeks, so I was not eligible for Unemployment Compensation or Severance pay and I couldn't get an Early Retirement payout since I was only 33 at the time. They spent more money paying some teachers off after the fact. I LOST EVERYTHING. I am still stuggling to find full time work and am currently working as a part time teachers aide in Montgomery County to 2 brand new teachers who were in middle school when I started teaching. I would never take another job in DCPS, but I should be financially compensated for the hell my son and I went through and are still going through as a result of an imaginary budget deficit.