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The Ward 5 D.C. Council Poster Campaign Begins

Even though 19 people have filed their intention to run for Harry Thomas Jr.'s Ward 5 seat on the D.C. Council, I've only seen one poster up everywhere—at least in my hood on the Bloomingdale/Truxton Circle border. It's a colorful one from Delano Hunter, who had an unsuccessful run against Thomas in 2010.

Back then, Hunter was the favorite of the National Organization For Marriage (which, name notwithstanding, opposes marriage when it doesn't involve a man and a woman). Today, he says he supports the District's same sex marriage law.

Related: Mike DeBonis reports that Tim Day, another Thomas challenger and the guy who brought everyone's attention to Thomas's shady finances, has also entered the race.

Anyway, has anyone seen other posters up? Are they just not as eye-catching as Hunter's?

Update: Bless Twitter. Martin Austermuhle and Jaime Fearer point out immediately that these posters are repurposed from Hunter's run in 2010. Ah well! As Austermuhle says: "Crafty, financially sound and environmentally conscious!" I will ask how many Hunter has left over if his staffer calls me back.

Photo by Shani Hilton

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  • dcgovcorruption

    Candidates for the DC Council are required to put a disclaimer on campaign posters/literature, identifying a currently registered campaign committee 2012 and treasurer.

    It appears that the poster in the CP picture does not contain this information at the bottom of Mr. Hunter's poster. A fine can be imposed by the DC Office of Campaign Finance in the amount of $500.00 for each violation.

  • American Rogue

    Ron Magnus is a bright young man who will finally provide Ward Five residents the quality representation we deserve

    Your Bobby Kennedy

  • Eckington Resident

    I saw them up all around the Wendy's at the intersection of Florida AVE and NY AVE NE. They might have already been taken down, though.

  • Bloomingdale R St NW

    Not what Ward 5 needs. Delano pandered to bigotry and would divide the ward. W5 needs integrity this time, someone who has a strong track record of working to advance W5 interests for all, not just cronies. (For me, that candidate is John Salatti, the most active and productive ANC commissioner I have ever seen.)

  • dc4life

    He's got stickers on them with the updated info as required by law. Seems to be in compliance, and i thought it was a good idea that he got out early considering he had leftover material. Hunter is a viable candidate whether you like him or not.


    Yes, the sticker is in the top right corner.

  • TinaandTrina

    Thank goodness Delano Hunter is running. Our communities need someone that has a heart to care about our people, young and old.

  • William Rhodes

    I believe that Kenyan McDuffie is the man for the job. He provides new, fresh ideas that can bring good to all of Ward 5.

  • Douglas St NE

    Delano Hunter is a problem solver and a critical thinker. He has a lot of experience in leadership roles and would make an excellent Ward 5 Councilmember. This is our time to get our Ward back on track by voting for Mr. Hunter