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3 Shot Near Congress Heights School

WUSA9 reports that three teenagers have apparently been shot in different locations near Congress Heights Elementary School in Ward 8.

According to MPD, "one shooting occurred in the 500 block of Alabama SE. The second shooting happened in the 3300 block of 4th St SE. The third happened in the 800 block of Wheeler Hill SE." Only one victim has life-threatening injuries. The shootings happened at the same time this morning—9:33—which suggests to police that they were connected.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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    In all probability all those involved in this neighborhood distruction are high school dropouts, all living with their mother or another protective relative, who could care less that these school dropout thugs are destroying the neighborhood so call protecting a turf (Apartments & city blocks) in which they have no ownership. The worthless Ward-8 councilman can talk about rival group disagreement until he is blue in the face but until parents start supervising their childrens and these missing sperm doners assist in their supervision, this distruction of our community will continue. Babies raising babies in a continous cycle!!