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Statehood Trip Snowed Out

The New Hampshire legislature has canceled all business at the state capitol in Concord for tomorrow due to a looming snowstorm, which means the D.C. statehood delegation that was planning to testify in support of a bill calling for New Hampshire to put itself on record against the District's colonial status has had to postpone its trip.

All the more reason they should have sent someone earlier this week?

Here's the official press release from New Hampshire House Speaker William O'Brien about the weather, courtesy of New Hampshire Public Radio's Josh Rogers, who was set to cover the trip for Washington City Paper:

House Business Cancelled for Thursday, January 12 Due to Inclement Weather

House Speaker William O’Brien

“While we have not had too much bad weather this winter, the forecast for tomorrow indicates that we may have inclement conditions that could represent a threat to those coming to the State House. Obviously, the safety of our members, legislative staff and those coming to our hearings is too important to take the risk of what could be dangerous travel getting to Concord. Accordingly, we have canceled House hearings for Thursday.”

Photo by Jared C. Benedict/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Greg Thrasher

    Mother Nature was clearly paying attention to my concerns...The DC Statehood delegation should now cancel this silly junket to NH and take thier arses to Detroit and get their political support etc..Of course Detroit, MI unlike Concord NH is a Black venue with an inconic legacy in securing political power for it's residents..

    I will admit I am new to the block but if this an example of how people take on signficant policy driven objectives I better rush to become a part of the various movements in DC...They truly need some forward and threshold personalities like me on board..

    Going to the whitest state in the nation to be validated..WTF whose idea was that one....