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New Hampshire Votes Today! D.C. Statehood Delegation Visits… Thursday

Just about every political reporter in the country is in New Hampshire today, as the "First in the Nation" Republican presidential primary votes are cast. (First except for that caucus in Iowa last week, of course.) Mitt Romney is expected to win by a large margin, which means there are a lot of writers and TV crews wandering around the Granite State looking for something interesting to cover before the polls close tonight.

Fortunately for the cause of D.C. statehood, a delegation from the District is heading to New Hampshire to promote awareness of our lack of representation!

Unfortunately for the cause of D.C. statehood, the delegation won't be there until Thursday. By which point the political circus will have moved on to South Carolina.

All is not lost: The statehood delegation, led by Mayor Vince Gray, D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown, and Councilmembers David Catania, Michael Brown, Mary Cheh, Yvette Alexander, Vincent Orange, and Marion Barry, as well as some citizens and activists, will be meeting with New Hampshire legislators and asking them to support a resolution calling for full representation for the District. Which, according to Kwame Brown aide Karen Sibert, was the point of the trip, primary notwithstanding. (As the announcement of the trip put it: "The state is a logical starting point considering its motto ('Live Free or Die') and the parallels to the District’s 'Taxation Without Representation’ protest theme.") The committee considering that resolution will meet Thursday, not today. (Other bills on that committee's docket would keep New Hampshire National Guard soldiers from serving in wars, abolish the Electoral College, privatize Social Security, and withdraw the U.S. from the United Nations.)

But still, this would seem to be one for the annals of missed opportunities. Why stop by New Hampshire two days after the primary? After all, if a guy calling himself Vermin Supreme can still get press eight years after he debuted his schtick for visiting reporters, you'd think some cable news bookers would be willing to put Barry on TV today. Remember, tacticians of D.C. democracy: We may not have full constitutional rights, but Washingtonians do have the right to look at a calendar.

Photo by Gage Skidmore [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Alan Page

    The New Hampshire state legislature set the vote for the resolution on Thursday. The delegation probably wanted to arrive on that day to testify before (and lobby) NH state legislators to vote in favor of the resolution, but would you really want Council members to spend the better part of a week in NH when they have pressing business here in DC, i.e. running the city? Be sensible. The NH legislature controls its own voting calendar, not the DC City Council; they scheduled their travel date around the day of the vote.

    I did suggest that some advance persons try to arrive in NH by today to try to secure phone interviews with print reporters, radio personalities and online outlets, but no idea if that will happen (also, note that the reporters there are likely focused on getting scoops related to the GOP primary, which is why their editors paid for them to be in NH today).

  • Mike Madden

    @ Alan -- Fair points on scheduling. But having covered two New Hampshire primaries, I'm sure the press corps in the state today would have been happy to give a little attention to the D.C. group if they'd been up there. There's not much to say about an election on election day until you know the results (not that that's ever stopped cable news before).

  • David

    Mike Madden- Please understand the StatehoodDC campaign is not based on the Presidential Primary schedule and in the case of NH, it is based on the schedule of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and its Committees.

    See the NH House calendar here-

    This will be a continued effort and we will have more news concerning Florida and other states soon.


    David Meadows
    Councilmember Michael A. Brown

  • David

    Make that Spokesperson, I assume a spoke person is a guy who deals with gears and such! ha.

  • Greg Thrasher

    Respectfully I support DC statehood etc But this is a waste of political posturing by the DC Statehood delegation!

    Here is a more productive idea go to DETROIT a city with shared interests and demographics where the state government is seeking to install and emergency financial manager(EFM) with the power to disenfranchise city voters, negate union contracts and leave the residents in the same impotent status as are the citizens of DC..

    To travel to NH to appease and pander to an marginal state with diversity blindspots as well as NH House of Representatives that lacks color and inclusion is an empty exercise . Something is amiss here!

    There are better strategic targets and opportunities for the DC statehood delegation. Traveling to the most progressive Black city in America (DETROIT) than Concord NH to lobby for DC statehood clearly has more currency than going to NH..WTF

  • Keith B.

    @Greg: Were you banned from the Detroit Metro comments? Is that why you're here on every section complaining about a DC weekly not having enough Detroit coverage?

  • Greg Thrasher


    I am an activist I have been banned from rooms in my own home...More importantly my theme today is the folly of the DC Delegation going to NH instead of more productive venues to lobby for DC statehood.

    Please revisit my comments nowhere in my posts do I comment about the lack of Detroit coverage in DC's weeklys'

    With regard to alternative media outlets I don't discriminate where I post my views..Do you have Bulletin Board that will take,lol,lol

  • Greg Thrasher


    BTW I do acknowledge I am in the 'new south' but does that mean I must seek the permission and approval of any white person to have my own opinions and views..WTF

    Help a dark skinned negro colored guy from Detroit understand and navigate around the landscape of the 'new,lol,lol

  • Keith B.

    Dunno, go ask a white guy I guess. It's nice to see you're actually typing out comments instead of writing them once and copy+pasting them on each post as they appear in LL.

    Because that's totally boring. YAWN!

  • Greg Thrasher


    I am directing my questions to you since you are taking on that white entitlement posture with me..

    BTW I don't like repeating myself plus quite often my analysis and comments apply in numerous venues..

    I am that cogent and,lol,lol

  • Keith B.

    That's quite a stretch, Greg.

  • Greg Thrasher

    Not really given the average and woeful content on this site from posters and staff of WCP ...Not long alternative newspapers truly augmented the nature and quality of news & cultural content now all one gets is the same sleaze and shallow content that is the model of MSM
    It is also troubling to observe the contempt and discounting of Black cultural themes in alternative media sites of course like the staff 's of MSM outlets diversity ( read black folks) is at best token levels
    It is disappointing for me to come to this region and encounter such weak ass publications and people ..WTF

  • Greg Thrasher


    Ps...Aternative papers like WCP and others have shallow operational models in my bandwidth we define is as:

    DDD Brands:

    Depravity - Discount- Dumb in content from lousy trainwreck topics of Black decay and obligatory MLK stuff and lousy Black politicos to twisted explotitive sex classifieds that treat woman like shit and sex toys to 2nd tier white alternative music and art pieces..

    I guess I should reduce my expectations..WTF

  • Jes sayin’

    Two days late, a dollar short, and Marion Barry.

    Yeah, that's the ticket!

  • Keith B.

    Well maybe you should be reading The Afro if you don't want to read reviews of "alternative music"? Or are you banned from there for your incoherent complaints? Please, tell me more about your "bandwidth", here we usually use Comcast or Verizon.

  • Greg Thrasher


    Again remind me who appointed YOU the arbiter of this site?? BTW apparently my 'incoherent comments' have you fixated over them and me....WTF

    I am starting to blush..Please fans like you can just email me and I will send you a signed,lol,lol


  • @CCCAPrez

    The delegation's trip is timed to coincide perfectly with the hearing.

    This article was timed not to support the cause but to poke fun at it as most #capitalistinfotainmentmedia types do these days b/c the press has lost real interest in educating and informing the public for the greater good. #fluff

  • Going to NH and we’re going to get statehood (support)

    Maybe an intelligent reporter would have informed District residents why leaders in the New Hampshire House schedule to vote on legislation, to express the support of the constituents they represent and to benefit District residents, which they may soon send to President Obama and National reps.

    10:30 a.m.
    HR 26, expressing support for admitting the District of Columbia as the fifty-first State of the United States of America.

    Draft bill:

    In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Eleven

    A RESOLUTION expressing support for admitting the District of Columbia as the fifty-first State of the United States of America.

    Whereas, over 600,000 citizens of the District of Columbia pay taxes to the federal government but are denied voting representation in the Congress of the United States; and

    Whereas, over 192,000 citizens of the District of Columbia have fought in our armed forces in service to our nation; and

    Whereas, the Federal Government has seen fit to send its armed forces, among them District of Columbia citizens, to fight on foreign soil in support and defense of democratic ideals while denying the residents of our own national capital the right of legislative representation; and

    Whereas, those efforts to spread liberty and democracy to the far corners of the globe are undermined and diminished by the denial of democratic rights to over 600,000 citizens of the United States of America; and

    Whereas eight service members from the District of Columbia have lost their lives in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan; and

    Whereas, the United States is the only nation in the world with a representative, democratic constitution that denies voting representation in the national legislature to the citizens of the capital; and

    Whereas, the District of Columbia is the only political and geographical entity within the United States whose citizens bear the full responsibilities of citizenship without sharing in the appropriate privileges of citizenship; and

    Whereas, this body is a shining example of representational democracy; now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives:

    That the New Hampshire House of Representatives declares its support for admitting the District of Columbia as the fifty-first State of the United States of America; and

    That the New Hampshire House of Representatives formally declares its support for full representative democracy for the citizens of the District of Columbia; and

    That the house clerk transmit copies of this resolution to the President of the United States of America, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, the Mayor of the District of Columbia, and the Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia, so that they may be apprised of the sentiments of the New Hampshire House of Representatives on this matter.

  • Mike Madden

    @ Going to NH, CCCA Prez:

    I'm not sure the president or anyone in Congress are any more interested in "the sentiments of the New Hampshire House of Representatives on this matter" than they are in the sentiments of District residents on it.

    And I still think not sending someone up -- maybe not the whole delegation, but SOMEONE -- while there was a chance for easy national media exposure was a mistake.

  • Keith B.

    trololol yourself, Greg. If you don't like the music reviews in in alt weekly from a city you have no connection to, I'm only saying you're welcome to not read them! But yeah, Arts Desk is totally part of the local branch of The Plan.

  • Greg Thrasher

    @CCAP & Going to NH

    Nevertheless despite the petty intentions of WCP the very idea of lobbying in NH is still backward and silly and I have no problem sharing Madden's view on this topic..

    This was a clusterfuck of an idea to seek the approval of an irrevelant statehouse's on such an important and truly threshold measure like DC statehood..

    Here is an idea select a more significant aggregate of white folks to secure support from!..The NH legislature WTF!!

  • Greg Thrasher


    You are starting to post like Madden making recommendations on what I should read....Best not to ever dictate to a free Black man what is best for me..

    Just stick to your fixation with my comments..I am the star here and you are my,lol,lol

  • Greg Thrasher

    WCP's masthead clearly does not reflect a workplace of racial diversity perhaps that is one reason they often make humor of DC related issues....But that is nothing new of course white liberal and conservative media outlet's all have a legacy of token Black staff or none at all. The shelflife of discounting Black themes includes the practices of media outlets..It takes a village right to hold down a,lol,lol

    I have argued one approach to changing the contempt WCP's has for it's Black readership is to change the complexion of those on it's masthead..

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

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