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Occupy D.C. Files Lawsuit to Block Possible Eviction

While the National Park Service has said that it has no plans to evict the McPherson Square or Freedom Plaza protesters, a lawyer for one McPherson group has filed a lawsuit that would prevent the Department of the Interior from evicting the occupiers without a trial. The Examiner reports:

The Park Service has already posted warnings in both Occupy camps at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza that mention trash concerns and problems with rats, he said. And on Thursday, the D.C. Department of Health, under orders from Mayor Vincent Gray, will inspect Occupy DC's kitchens after residents and business complained about rodents in the area.

There's no telling whether that inspection, or the Park Service's earlier memos, spell impending eviction for the Occupy movement. But [lawyer JeffLight doesn't want to take that chance.

"What you've seen around the country with so many Occupies being evicted causes a lot of concern that that would likely happen here," he said.

Park Service representatives have previously stated that they have no plans to evict protesters. But on Wednesday, Park Service spokesman Bill Line said the Park Service would let a Washington Examiner reporter know when it was "ready to make a move and communicate with demonstrators."

Photo by tedeytan via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License

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  • Ward-8

    Alright already, enough is enough, these so call squarters my bad, I mean occupiers have made their point, its time that they move on, take their junk with them and the park again be made available for the citizens to enjoy. They seem to be like the Republican Party, not knowing when they have won, to keep this up will only tend to alientate more and more people, a lot of whom initally supported them!

  • Typical DC BS

    Yeah, good thing the Democrats are running things and letting miscreants camp in the parks, WHEN IT IS ILLEGAL TO CAMP IN THE PARK. I will tell the homeless in the future to make sure they get permits and then they can sleep in the parks at-will.

    Guess the Dems only enforce the law when it's people they don't agree with breaking the law?

  • Mario

    I think this is actually getting disgusting and I even agree with many of the sentiments made during the occupy movement. But now I feel it is just people holding onto a moment they don't want to let go. Sleeping in a dirty tent in a park is not taking action. It is time to go.