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Poll: Support For D.C. Council Plunges

We were just wondering what the D.C. Council's support was looking like these days, after the most recent polling back in March showed them with 54 percent approval from registered D.C. voters—a drop from 63 percent the previous year. Clarus Research Group has come out with new numbers, and if they're right, support for the council has dropped 24 points, down to 30 percent. And the council's disapproval rate has gone up to 55 percent.

Mike Madden has more details on other poll numbers (let's just say things aren't looking so good for Mayor Vince Gray either).

This isn't a surprise, of course. Check out this week's cover, our Annotated Guide to 2011, for some of the details that help explain why our council is so very unpopular these days.

Photo by m.gifford via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License

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  • Truth Hurts

    Let's do some math and see what happens:

    13: All DC Council Members.

    3: DC Council Members publicly denouncing HT.

    23: Percent of CM's doing the right thing.

    Under the circumstances, 30 percent public approval rating for DC City Council is slightly higher than warranted, IMO.