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How Low Can LivingSocial Go? Big Mac Edition

Sometimes you just really want a Big Mac. Or five. Today, D.C. based LivingSocial is offering a deal where you can get vouchers for five Big Macs and five large fries from McDonald's for just $13. At first blush, the low price seems...silly. McDonald's is already really cheap!

But people love a deal, and more than anything, it's a way for the company to snatch up new subscribers. Just like the Amazon and Whole Foods deals before (both of which sold out at 1,000,000), this one is likely to appeal to a wide swath of people—and give Living Social access to several thousand new email inboxes. All the better to fund their new offices on 7th Street and New York Avenue NW.

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  • P.

    I think its ridiculous. I thought Living Social was trying to be more high brow than fast food deals. Like our fat asses need more big macs #livingsocial #fail

  • Rory

    Since it's the winter time, why not buy the vouchers and then give to a homeless person? Food is food and it'll warm them up for a little bit.

  • LisaT

    McD's doesn't even sell food. If you want to help the homeless by providing food, buy them a nutritious and filling meal, not the garbage slung out by this craphole "restaurant."

    Disappointed in Living Social on this one.

  • Lisa

    In my humble opinion, they are just a new breed of corporate trash.

  • SWMLuvah

    How do all of you see your keyboard with your noses WAY up in the air like that?! Sheesh, such snobbery! The holier-than-thou DC area resident is getting on my last nerve!

  • W Kelley Lucas

    Daily deal sites like Livingsocial and Groupon have potential to put the final nail in the coffin for alt-weeklies. First the internet, then craigslist took valuable readers and advertisers away, and now the daily deal sites have the once mighty papers trembling. It's obvious that you're thinly-veiled hatred of these sites shows your fear of what they will do to your bottom line over time. Look, people love these sites and they provide awesome values for their subscribers. Hell, some alt mags even have their own daily deals. They are here to stay and alt-weekly print magazines are dying out like the aging, self-righteous hippies that run them. Excuse me, but I am going to go eat a quarter pounder with fires.

  • Tim

    I was at a McDonalds this morning and they had a sign up to explain how to redeem this special........BUT the only problem is the sign says Groupon and has the Groupon logo! How do you work with one company and then put up your signs with a different companies info?????

  • Wrack

    Having a Big Mac once in a while is no worse than having a few drinks on a Friday night -- both poison, but both worth it. Relax, for chrissake.