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Ex-Redskin Phillip Daniels Trying to Rig Prep Player Poll?

Former Redskins d-lineman Phillip Daniels has built up tons of goodwill over at ExtremeSkins, the club-owned message board, by regularly posting alongside the hoi polloi both when he was with the team and even since he got cut last preseason.

Now he wants something in return.

Daniels, who now lists his hometown as Chicago, went on the fan board yesterday with his regular handle —pd93—and started a thread called "Phillip Daniels Needs Your Help!!!"

Despite the three exclamation points, Daniels wasn't asking for anything as important as organs or dollars.

No, turns out he just wanted fans to stuff the ballot box so his kin would win the Albany (Ga.) Herald People's Choice Football Player of the Year contest.

Daniels asked folks to make sure Chris Brown, a running back from Seminole County High, finished atop the Georgia paper's poll:

I'm not getting enough votes for my cousin Chris Brown who is up for Player of the Year. I know that there are thousands for Redskins fans on here so please go and vote for him. I will put the link at the bottom so please go sign in and vote. You can vote once every hour and the deadline is tomorrow at 5pm. Coming back from a major injury with a chance of never playing again and doing what he did this year, he deserves this award. The only way he will win is for you guys to help me out. My hometown is small and we are a bit outnumbered with other cities. Thanks to all who will help him out. Good kid who will be playing D1 football somewhere next season. I always hate coming on with non Redskins things but I really do want him to win this because he deserves it and the newspaper that is doing this has feature the guy that is winning twice and none of the other guys so you know what's going on there.

And the regulars at ExtremeSkins responded massively. All day long, one poster after another who'd never heard of Daniels' cousin before this scheme commenced was posting that they'd voted again and again for Brown, just as Daniels had told them to.

As of 10:52 p.m. last night, Brown had more than 8,206 votes.

Not bad turnout in an election run by a paper which as of June 2008 had an estimated circulation of less than 20,000.

But along the way something popped up that Daniels, who is a native of Donalsonville, Ga., didn't expect: Somebody else was stuffing the Albany Herald's ballot box, too. For another kid in the race.

And doing a better job at it!

The voting bloc for Mason Worsham, quarterback of the state championship squad from Westwood School, wasn't only keeping up with the  outrigging the ExtremeSkins horde. At 10:52 pm, the big board showed Worsham with 8,437 votes.

So, Brown and Worsham got 16,643 votes between them.

The other four candidates on the ballot had 558 votes combined.

By last night, Daniels' returned to ExtremeSkins with obvious desperation.

"Are there any other Redskins sites that we can put this on to help out[?]" he posted. "Let's get everybody involved."

Albany Herald sports editor Danny Aller, reached at work late last night, says he wondered why his paper's website was so slow all day.

"I was trying to post a comment here and I couldn't get on for five minutes, because the site was so busy," Aller tells me. "I couldn't figure it out."

When I told Aller about the poll-rigging scheme launched at ExtremeSkins, he figured it out.

"Oh, OK! Somebody called me today and said a lot of people were having problems voting for Chris," says Aller. "I told him I had just voted for both Chris and Mason, just to check and make sure everything was working, and it was working for both. So he says, 'Hey, it's not me complaining! It's Phillip Daniels of the Redskins who's saying there's problems voting for Chris!' I'm saying to myself, 'Phillip Daniels? Huh? Why would somebody from the Redskins be talking about this?'"

Good questions, Mr. Aller.

There's still time to get your votes in: The Herald's poll closes at 5 p.m. today.

Stay tuned for returns!

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  • Vicki Davis

    I am the technology teacher at the school where Mason Worsham is a student. We are a tiny school in south Georgia that has won 26 straight ballgames after a season of heartbreakers. We wanted Mason to win. We did everything we could within our power to win this but we did not use bots or anything like that! If anyone could have done it here, it would have been me.

    We did,however, set timers and our students voted every hour on the hour. We did vote like crazy. We did have our students on a trip to Washington DC vote every hour. My husband and I stayed up voting. We were setting our timers and voting and waking up all night. Our community was going to work to help him win because that is what we do!

    I did NOT however call on my 28,000 twitter followers or the half a million that hit my Cool Cat Teacher blog - I didn't think that was fair. If our hometown boy was going to win, it was going to be on the shoulders of his family and friends who know and love him.

    Now that I found this out, it makes me very angry. We all put our lives on hold for about a week because we saw what was happening with the voting and felt like it was unfair. I'm more glad than ever that our tiny school of 425 students worked hard to pull out the vote for this young man!

  • Betty Shiver

    I have been a part of Westwood School for over 30 years. We play by the rules. We just work harder than most, particularly when it concerns one of our children. Go Mason. You have the love and support of your community

  • Herewegoagain


  • Brandi Holton

    Wow! Really sad to read this. Until you know what you are talking about - it is best to say nothing. Mason is a very talented young man. Our community fully supports him and our Cats. The award is only a reminder of his talent and our support for him. To suggest and state we cheated only raises the question of your integrity.

  • whypostgarbage

    How do you rig an open voting poll posted online? WPC desperate for a "story

  • jon viterise

    Hey viki, you should not be one to talk... this is an open poll where ANYONE can vote in, if its such a big deal to you and the POS author that wrote this article, it should have been A closed poll, only allowing users to vote ONE time under their username, voting one million times in a day sounds to me like you have no life, prolly should focus on your students and making sure they get and education.. so imo, I don't think your boy mason should win, sounds to me like you and your school scammed the system making you no better a person than phillip daniels, hey phil you are a class act my friend, stay true and HTTR!

  • http://n/a Jimmy

    Who is Dave McKenna? Is he a Redskin hater? Maybe just another hack writer that is trying to get some attention.

    Open Poll! So whats the problem? Seems like both sides were doing the same thing.

    Maybe McKenna doesn't like it that either one of these young men won the award; and just maybe he had someone else in mind.

    He must follow the Extremeskins web site in an attempt to gain information to write is idiotic articles and defame people and slander them.

    Maybe Mr. McKenna's background and actions should be looked into to see what skeletons he has in his closet.

    Might make for an interesting story.

    Leave the kids alone and those who vote and do some real reporting if you truly want to be a professional.

    Quit looking for the negatives; but if you insist then look into the mirror.

  • Will

    So, we have no idea who's a better player, but we do know that the staff and students at Westwood are more organized and efficient than the members of Extremeskins.

    Congratulations, Albany Herald.