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Norton To Seek Re-election

This isn't exactly news, but D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton kicked off her re-election campaign over the weekend. And according to the Hoya, she's sticking to her mission, telling a crowd at Busboys & Poets: "Regardless of who controls [the country], this morning I am here to let them know they will not control the District of Columbia."

Norton is being challenged by a Republican candidate  and a Green party candidate. DCist notes she hasn't gotten less than 88 percent of the vote in any election since 1994.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Southeast Ken

    I can't stand Eleanor Holmes-Norton and I have voted for her in years. The woman doesn' respond to constituents concerns and you can't email her directly on Capital Hill. Some Congresspersons, you can email them directly at their U.S. Government email address. It's time for Eleanor to retire and disappear.

  • jimbo

    Useless waste of a seat in Congress. Talk about being in it for self benefit.

  • Java Master

    This woman and her office is a complete waste of time. Veryy slow to respond to a variety of constituent matters, she is nonetheless entrenched ( in the worst sense of that word) in a useless position where her vote does not count.
    Get over it, DC, you are NOT a state, and you will NEVER have any representation in Congress. The Constitution says so, and no one is going to amend it to suit the pols of DC. Everyone else, vote with your feet!


    Time to send her into retirement.