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When Downtown D.C. Really Was a Parking Lot

Parking in D.C.

You think parking's bad in D.C. these days? Check out this photo, recently released by the National Archives, of cars wedged into just about every available inch near downtown during a bus strike in May 1974. (Thanks to The Atlantic for combing through the set and highlighting this photo.)

Photo by Jim Pickerell/NARA

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  • Shevonne

    I remember! The family and I used to always park there and walk to the Mall.

  • nivin

    This pic is the site of the Ronald Reagan Building. This was parking lot for many, many years. I didn't have anything to do with the bus strike. It was like that every day.

  • nivin

    "It" didn't have anttingto do with the bus strike (:(

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  • цarьchitect

    God, that wasn't even that long ago. The Oscar Straus memorial look out of place, just floating there.