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Photo: Joe Frazier, 1944-2011

Joe Frazier at Fight Night, Fight for Children, Nov. 11, 2010.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

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  • Little Black Duck

    Are you people serious?! Of all the pictures of Joe Frazier this one that looks likes it's straight out of a minstrel show you decide to use. No sense of RESPECT for the man even now that he's no longer with us. Really?

  • American Rogue

    Goodbye sweet King of pugilism and take your rest in the bosom of Abraham!!

    American Rogue

  • Typical DC BS

    He sure went quick.

    I remember his Ali fights vividly, especially the Thrilla in Manila. Joe was a gracious man, even helping out Ali when he was down and out. Too bad Ali didn't have the class to acknowledge that at the time of the first fight.

  • StrangeFruit

    I guess my first comment will stay in moderation, so I try again:

    Shame on The City Paper for choosing a picture that mocks Joe Frazier in his death. I guess racism has no boundaries; from the nipple to the grave, racism doesn't cease to end.

  • Shani Hilton

    @strangefruit: I held your initial comment because it was way too much. I will say that I love this image. It's a great, up-close shot of Frazier looking really happy, rather than the typical mean mug you find in most images of him.