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Ebony Franklin’s Father Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison

Rodney McIntyre, has been convicted of murdering his 17-year-old daughter last November, after having a two-year sexual relationship with her:

McIntyre, 45, showed little reaction as D.C. Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz recounted his incestuous — and, ultimately, deadly — history with Ebony Franklin, 17. “You betrayed the bond a father should have with his child,” Leibovitz said.

Three days after her death on Nov. 26, Franklin’s body was found in an alley behind the gym in the 1000 block of Fairmont Street NW, where McIntyre worked. She had 15 stab wounds to her chest, side and back.

McIntyre pleaded guilty in July to first-degree, premeditated murder while armed.

Before being sentenced, McIntyre turned to the rows of family who packed the courtroom and tried to offer an explanation. “I blacked out,” he said. “I’m deeply sorry for the pain and suffering. I’m sorry for taking the life of my daughter. I robbed her of her childhood.”

When McIntyre began to speak, Ebony’s mother walked out of the courtroom.

Read the rest at the Post.

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  • rosesdc

    Please note : The convicted father's name is Rodney McIntyre

  • Shani Hilton

    @rosesdc: oof, thank you for the catch.

  • Java Master

    why do these guys always say stuff like "I blacked out"? No one believes them anyway.