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Oakland Police Love Kittens, Teargas

Last night I was following along with the #occupyoakland tweets from some folks who were at the protest in Northern California. One attendee—a journo-cartoonist (yes, that is a thing, yes, it is awesome) I've edited in the past named Susie Cagle—even tweeted as she was being teargassed and later posted a short video:

Funny enough, this morning the Post's print coverage of the events last night amounted to an AP picture of your friendly local Oakland police officer petting a kitten and a headline which read: "Protesters Wearing Out Their Welcome Nationwide."

Note: The digital edition coverage is better.

Photo by Shani Hilton

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  • Luke

    Seriously? The police ATTACKED PEACEFUL NON-VIOLENT Occupy protesters with WEAPONS like TEAR GAS, rubber BULLETS, and BATONS and yet you show an officer petting a cat and then leap to the assumption that the cat must have been left by Occupiers? What is wrong with you?

  • d353rt

    Wow, it is getting better and better. So here is the truth about your "free" America. This System is broken, your massmedia is corrupt, your politicians blind. good luck to you...

    a German guy

  • Seanathan

    What you can't see is that kitten's red eyes from teargas.

  • AL

    The mainstream media has worn out their welcome.

  • Typical DC BS

    Gas them! Gas them all!

  • Shani Hilton

    @Typical DC BS: Surely not the kittens!?!

  • CW

    I agree with Al that the mainstream media has worn out its welcome, along with failed governmental policies, criminal stock market manipulations, and bailouts of the inept and corrupt banking system.

    The only thing that is permanent is impermanence - so pay attention main street and wall street - things are changing

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  • Senorita Bonita Arizona

    Perhaps the 1% is less fattening? Perhaps 1% is more filling?

    Perhaps the 1% corrupts....errr hires ALL
    USA governmental entities?

    Remember OWS when you next enter the election cycle(s).

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  • fred fep

    OWS says they don't vote. I agree they'd have far more power if they tried influencing Congress. A half a million in DC every weekend might work....

    Anarchy won't function very well in a country of 250 million

  • Bill Butler

    I see the WaPo is running to far with the adage in investigative reporting: No matter how onerous your villain, write at least one thing nice about him. To wit: "The brutal dictator gassed his own people, but those close to him recall his fondness for puppies."

    Well done, Washington Post. Shorter: "Before attacking peaceful protestors with tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades, an officer is seen petting a kitten."

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  • Sandra Hilton

    Kittens don't demonstrate or talk back.

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  • Lili

    To be fair, the very first line of the article begins by stating very clearly how the police repelled the protesters with tear gas, so it's not like they're really trying to throw a rosy blanket on things.

  • Southern Beale

    WTF? The cop isn't just being nice to animals! The cat was "left behind" by the protestors according to the photo caption!

    How do they even know that? "Unnamed sources" perhaps? Like ... the dog on the street?

    Way to frame the news, WaPo. This reminds of the Hurricane Katrina photo captions, where black people were identified as "looters" whereas white people were "collecting supplies."

  • Robert Reardon

    Anyone who thinks the Police started this whole thing is either stupid or not paying attention. The demonstrators were told to disperse. They chose to stay and pelt the Police with paint balls. Since the Police were attacked, they retaliated. I like the kitten picture, it shows that the cops aren't just heartless tyrants. Why do I know this? I live in Oakland, CA.

  • Tehceilingcat

    I hope that kitteh gets a good and safe home!

  • Woodrow Wilson Smith

    Dear d353rt: I understand you German guys had a similar problem along those same lines back in the late 1930s. Got any helpful tips on how you handled it? I'm sure we have much to learn.

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  • Nancy Duggan

    Since Robert Reardon knows what's up in Oakland, does he also know the cat and the dastardly PO-lice pelting hippie who abandoned it?

  • nuQlerOstrich

    The Walls Street Controlled media is becoming so 20th Century. Can you say IRRELEVANT? I knew you could!

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  • soopermexican

    damn filthy kitty protestors!!!

  • Billy

    The Bruin Voice would be proud Shani!

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