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LivingSocial Poll: D.C. is Stingy… and Haunted

The District is the fourth-stingiest city in the nation with Halloween candy, according to a new poll by LivingSocial—though you may have to take the results with a grain of salt, as well as some candy, because the poll surveyed "online customers," which (because it's self-selecting, not random) doesn't always yield especially reliable data.

Nonetheless, here are some stats to consider as Monday approaches. Washingtonians have the third-most encounters with ghosts (15 percent of people polled reported this), and half prefer Reese's to other candies listed in the poll. A shocking 51 percent of District residents admit to stealing candy from their kids.

The survey compiled D.C. residents' opinions on Halloween in the city. Of the 200 D.C.-area residents with kids age 15 or under who were sampled, only 18 percent admitted to toilet papering a neighbor's house as a kid.

LivingSocial also found that trick-or-treating is the most popular Halloween activity in D.C., with pumpkin carving at a close second. However, the District ranked only 13th out of 20 top cities for best trick-or-treating and best party city for adults. It seems, though, that when ranking D.C. low for best trick-or-treating, Washingtonians failed to incorporate the relative safety of the District on the holiday, as the city also ranked 13th in the most dangerous for trick-or-treating.

District parents came out strongly against the Mean Girls approach to Halloween—lingerie and animal ears—as 42 percent polled thought girls don costumes that are too sexy.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Caroline

    Well, I have to be stingy with the candy since I'll get around 2000 trick-or-treaters!