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From Young & Hungry: McRib Gut Reaction

The McRib is back and Chris Shott just ate one for you:

My initial impression: Is it really so difficult for McDonald's to make these frickin' things? The meat looks oddly similar to the McNugget, only flatter and more rectangular shaped. The toppings, including some slices of onion and a few tart pickles, don't seem that different from those on any other McDonald's sandwich. And that signature "tangy barbecue sauce" the thing is smothered in—undoubtedly the best part of this otherwise unremarkable lunch—tastes the same as the stuff you dip your nuggets in.

On the whole, the flavor reminds me of some semi-decent airline food that I had on British airways back in the mid-'90s. (And I'm not entirely sure what kind of mystery meat that was, either.)

Read the rest at Y&H.

Photo by Odochi Ibe

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  • Java Master

    McRibs is the ultimate mystery meat sandwich. Processed, shaped, and slickly coated with that corn syrup based "sauce". Oddly enough, it tastes a little better than the "veggie" bar-b-que ribs offerd by a few food producers found in the grocery store aisle.