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Neighborhood News Roundup: When’s Halloween? Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Neighborhood News RoundupFun-Free Brookland: Members of the Brookland email list are disgruntled that ABRA has revoked Brookland Café's liquor license. Some were upset to lose a fun neighborhood hangout: One person wrote, "Some people just don't want others to have a good time." Others felt personally attacked. In reference to the person who filed the complaint against Brookland Café, a list member said, "why does he not want me to have a beer with my friends in my own neighborhood?" And, of course, others took it upon themselves to crusade for the suds. One wrote, "This game needs to end. We could lose one of the only decent social gathering spots here in Brookland. The BCafe is listed at, or near the top in its class and the hotel is a bright jewel and one of the Dupont Collection properties. Let's try to end this, shall we?"

Trashy Neighbors: Palisades is plagued with dog poo. One neighborhood email list member complained, "[I]t would be great if folks can bring the bagged waste back to their own trash cans, rather than throwing the bag in the trash can of the nearest house. It is not so pleasant to open our trash can and find these surprises in there!" Another member, however, defended convenient pet poo disposal and suggested a neighborly approach: "Are you really suggesting that they carry their doggie bags with them while hiking through the wonderful paths and parks in our area, or up and down the boulevard for a couple of miles? I leave my trash can near the sidewalk where people can put their doggie waste in easily (not that I'm looking for more or that I don't appreciate it when it is tied up neatly.)"

Walmart Overload: A post on Just up the Pike spurred annoyance over the potential for a Walmart on Rockville Pike at Bou Avenue. The blog notes that it would be the third of its kind on the count—and that such a large store would inhibit current plans to develop the area with multiple smaller businesses. A commenter chimed in: "No one can take this urban boulevard seriously unless there's transit that actually supports it. In the absence of transit and transit-oriented development we'll see things like this Wal*Mart proposal...on a stretch of R'ville pike that really does not need thousands more cars on weekends." Not to mention, Walmart will open four stores in D.C. proper in the next few years.

Just in Case You Didn't Know: Halloween can be confusing, as evidenced by a member of the Chevy Chase email list. They asked, "Does anyone know when 'official' trick or treating is (door-to-door)? Sat, Sun or Mon?" Luckily, another member of the list gave an exceedingly polite answer: "I don't know whether it's 'official,' but, in my experience, for at least the past 11 years, door-to-door trick-or-treating in our neighborhood has always been on Halloween."

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  • Concerned neighbor

    Shame on JBG for proposing the Wal-Mart on Rockville Pike. Yesterday JBG held an open house at the Legacy hotel to explain the project. I was told by a JBG rep that Wal-Mart called them and told them they want a store on the pike. JBG offered the property and proposed the deal. Obviously JBG does not care about traffic congestion which is already a big problem in the area. This big box store will severely affect traffic not only on the pike, but mainly on side roads (Bou, Chapman, Twinbrook). It will also hurt small businesses, without a doubt.
    Leggett doesn't care either, he only wants the money. Shame on him as well! The past few years we have been hearing about the great developments that are going to come to White Flint and Twinbrook and how they will focus on walkability and bringing storefronts to the street, to put an end the strip mall era and car-dependent retail on the pike. We've also been hearing about the up-and-coming Rockville Pike, which will resemble the boulevards of Madrid or Champs Elyssees. Obviously that was just baloney. All the county and JBG care about is money money money, without caring about how their greed affect others. Shame on both!
    I spoke with a traffic rep at JBG who was trying to sell me the story that because Wal-mart will be close to Twinbrook Metro it won’t have a big impact on traffic. Does he thikg we are really that stupid??? The fact that Twinbrook is close by will have no positive impact on traffic. That’s just JBG’s marketing strategy!
    I hope MoCo’s development council is not naive enough to buy that story. Similarly, when I talked to another JBG rep and told them I couldn’t believe they were proposing another strip mall after what they have been promising for White Flint and Twinbrook they guy said “well, this is not really a strip mall…we are putting in a green roof on it!” are you serious??? Is that your saving grace? Shame on you JBG. To top it off, yet another JBG rep said “oh this will only add 20 cars to the congestion that is already on Rockville Pike” and when I looked at her like a deer in the headlights and she realized she was just pulling numbers from thin air she pointed me to the traffic rep who clarified that they expect over 450 additional cars during peak hour. So let’s see, we have about 3 peak hours of “rush hour” in the morning and 3 in the evenings. So this will result in an impact of about 2,700 additional cars a day, during those peak hours. That’s just insanity…!
    MoCo development council: I beg you not to go through with this terrible idea. Outside of the money factor, this proposal by JBG doesn’t benefit anyone. We already have Target, Giant, Safeway, Shoppers, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and upcoming Super Fresh. We do not need or Want another strip mall with a big box store!