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DCPS Principals Get Big Raises, Other Administrative School Staff Gets Zero

The Post reports that principals in District of Columbia Public Schools will be getting hefty raises next year: Average pay will rise about 16 percent, retroactively to the beginning of this school year, from $106,000 to $123,000.

But principals are only a small portion of the members of the Council of School Officers union that negotiated the raises:

The CSO represents not just 116 principals but another 600 or so assistant principals, early childhood coordinators, psychologists, social workers and business managers who are getting nothing. A small group of principals, while pleased with their situation, asked for a meeting with human capital chief Jason Kamras to protest the lack of fairness to their assistant principals and other staff.

“I don’t think Jason or chancellor realize the negative impact this will have,” said CSO president Aona Jefferson. It’s wrong. All of our members are due an increase.”

Chancellor of Schools Kaya Henderson defended her position to the Post, saying, "We prioritized bringing principals up to par with their peers as a first step instead of giving both principals and assistant principals smaller raises."

Besides, it's entirely possible DCPS is going to some other financial issues to figure out.

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  • walter washington

    "Other school staff get zero ..."

    You forgot to mention that the 4,000+ DCPS teachers are receiving a 21.6 percent increase in base pay under their current contract. Their average salary is $81,000, before benefits. Pretty good in this economy, no?

    Maybe make that clear, just like Turque did in his article you're cribbing from?

  • Shani Hilton

    @walter washington: Yes, I should've put "administrative staff," thanks for the note.