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Jaffe Wants ‘A Strong Man In Charge’ of D.C.

I'm late on this, mostly because I don't read Harry Jaffe very often (though I may start if this is an indicator of the type of work he's producing), but tell me I'm wrong in my reading of his silly argument to re-elect former mayor Marion Barry:

I'm not even sure Uncle Vince wanted to be mayor. I suspect that his friends, such as Lorraine Green and Vernon Hawkins, might have pushed him to run. What I know to be true is that challenging Adrian Fenty was not Gray's idea. A deliberative and conciliatory sort, he was happy as council chairman. Vince Gray had no burning desire to lead the District of Columbia.

As for the bossy Ms. Green, she joined other strong women such as Jerry Mason Hall and Judy Banks to build the Gray government by hiring friends, family members and the now famous Sulaimon Brown, the erstwhile mayoral candidate now at the center of a federal investigation into Gray's own campaign. Did Gray know his personnel aides were stuffing their kin in the government? That his campaign aides were allegedly paying off Brown to badmouth Fenty? A strong man in charge would have known.

In two grafs, Jaffe emasculates Mayor Gray and then insinuates that a mayor who's a "strong man" would keep the women-folk in line. Because only women are corrupt, only the most masculine of men can take care of business.

Okay, got it.

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  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    When Barry was perpetually drugged up a (strong) woman and others ran his gov't. That's in the book Jaffe the other night spoke about.

  • Keith B.

    When did Sulaimon Brown become a woman? Plenty of corruption to go around. Don't go all Hessy on us.

  • Southeast Ken

    Jaffe should try using 'Just For Men'.

  • Shani Hilton

    @Keith B. Oh, you mean, don't point out sexism? You certainly don't have to read it! But if you do feel like reading, you might re-read the passage I quoted in which Jaffe said corrupt women hired Brown, not that Brown was the corrupt one.

  • Ward 4

    @Shanni Hilton....Harry Jaffe actually has a point, a good point and I don't think it was sexist at all. Gray did rely on the three women named in his article.Maybe your anti male or better yet on the Gray envelope pay roll. Lol

  • Shani Hilton

    @Ward 4, Nope, Jaffe doesn't have a point, and it was sexist. Lol

  • Keith B.

    Well, you seem to be complaining that Jaffe suggests all women are corrupt, which is a pretty radical reading of the fact that 3/3 women he mentioned were, in fact, corrupt. Was he supposed to include a corrupt man too, just so you wouldn't feel threatened? Maybe name-drop a LGBT staffer as well, so they don't feel slighted in the corruption department?

    From earlier in the (hella dumb) article: "It's called a 'strong mayor' system". Our current mayor happens to be a man. So yeah, I wouldn't want Vince to be a strong woman.

  • Shani Hilton

    Was he supposed to include a corrupt man too, just so you wouldn't feel threatened? Maybe name-drop a LGBT staffer as well, so they don't feel slighted in the corruption department?

    @Keith B. Yes! Corruption is equal opportunity and couching it in gender-specific terms is useless (well, perhaps it's useful for hackery). And I'm glad we agree the column is "hella dumb."

  • Keith B.

    Yes, I agree 100% it's hackery, but that's what you'd descend into if you want to go down this route. Should I send you a link to post about every time someone in the DC area slights women on the internet? Hey, I have an idea, WCP could create a separate area of this site, just for such sort of... oh wait.

    Ok, ok, we'll just confine it to reporting on the shenanigans of rival DC-area news publications. We could call it PostWa--no wait, too specific. Department of Media--ohwait.

    Or, City Desk could stick to news and opinion about DC affairs? Jaffe's a clown, who cares? Next up, Courtland Milloy doesn't trust people under 50...