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Post on Expired Tag Arrests: “Police Have Better Things To Do”

The Post editorial board weighs in on the practice of arresting those whose license plates have been expired for more than 30 days:

Make no mistake: No one should be driving with expired plates or a lapsed registration. Those who do — whether by oversight or commission — should be penalized. We recognize the legitimate police concern that unregistered vehicles can be a mask to hide other crimes. But aside from a 30-day grace period instituted by Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier, the law — which AAA Mid-Atlantic officials say is unique to the District — makes no allowance for people whose worst offense is bad record-keeping; other equally serious traffic violations are dealt with through appropriate administrative penalties. It also strikes us that police have better things to do with their time and manpower.

Photo by Jay Goodman Tamboli

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  • Michael

    This is the same MPD the spent much of September giving out jaywalking tickets at Connecticut and Calvert, right?

    I'm pretty sure "intelligent allocator of of resources" isn't on Lanier's CV.

  • Jim Birchfield

    The words "Intelligent" and "Washington DC's police force" should never appear in a sentence together.

  • Been in the tank

    Here's the truth as to why this law is in place. The police use the expired tags law to pull over and arrest drug dealers and other "suspicius" folks late at night. And it allows the police to impound and search their cars.