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Virginia Is For Lovers (And Lovers Of Voters)

Happy 19th wedding anniversary, Michelle and Barack Obama! Hope all is well. Truth be told, we have a minor bone to pick with you: Where's the love for D.C. businesses?

First, the first lady was spotted at an Alexandria Target store, skipping the Columbia Heights Target (which is only a short ride up from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on the 16th Street s9 bus)—then, last night, the presidential couple celebrated their wedding anniversary at Alexandria's Restaurant Eve.

To be fair, we know the pair has eaten out in D.C. in the past, and considering only 37 percent of Americans think the president will be re-elected next year, maybe this is part of a strategy to show love to areas where, you know, votes actually count.

Photo by aschweigert via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

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  • Southeast Ken

    It's very congested in Columbia Heights or in D.C. It's better for famous people to slip into the suburbs without a lot of people noticing them. However, I will not be voting for President Obama again. You can take that to the bank.

  • Chad

    I have a bone to pick with this article. The Obamas have been to the Source, Central, Citronelle, Ted's Bulletin, Ben's and plenty other DC places. Hell, Jose Andres gardens with the First Lady! But let Michelle go to the Potomac Yard Target and visit Restaurant Eve for dinner one time and you have an issue? Virginia was an important pickup for his 2008 win. If anything I'd wonder why he hasn't gone to other VA places like Tallula, Mokomandy or something like that.

  • BT

    Im selfish... hopefully this place wont be one of those typical places "I ate where the president ate" places. Restaurant Eve is actually a very nice and respectable restaurant. Please do not turn this into those places where it is overly crowded and overrated.

  • Dizzy

    "maybe this is part of a strategy to show love to areas where, you know, votes actually count."

    I wasn't aware that the District's 3 electoral votes didn't count...

    I understand that DC is bluer than the Hope Diamond, and so there's no point to currying favor with DC voters, but that's not the same thing as saying DC votes don't count. It's not entirely fair to conflate one-party dominance with disenfranchisement, as is the case when it comes to Congressional representation.

  • Typical DC BS

    I am a die hard Republican, but based on the nitwits running so far for the GOP, I will cast my vote for President Obama. At least he has a brain and a heart, unlike the current cast of clowns running for the Republican nomination.

  • Granny Jan

    Typical DC BS, if you're a Republican than I'm Angelina Joie. BS is right which you can't even do convincingly. No wonder Obama is in so much trouble when he hires people like you.