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Vietnam Veterans of America Founder’s Home Searched For Pot

The founder of Vietnam Veterans of America has had his Ritz-Carlton dwelling tossed by cops looking for evidence of pot distribution after he allegedly sought to mail a package of marijuana at FedEx, according to recently filed police documents.

In papers filed this month in D.C. Superior Court, police say their search of the 23rd Street NW penthouse of wheelchair-bound anti-war activist Bobby Muller turned up plastic bags and a mason jar filled with "green weed," scales, packaging material and "bank documents."

Muller, whose veterans group went on to co-found the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines, has apparently not been arrested.  He did not respond to phone calls or email messages requesting comment. Metropolitan Police Department officials also did not return calls.

The warrant's description of how cops came to focus on an activist who has shared a stage with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and blogged for the Huffington Post would seem a lesson in drug handling 101. First pointer? If you're going to ship 1.03 pounds of cheeba through the mail, don't use your real name and address.

According to the warrant, which was obtained by a member of the Metropolitan Police Department's Intelligence Branch, that's exactly what Muller did, though the officer wrote that he scrawled "R. Muller," rather then his full name, on the alleged contraband.

On September 2, workers at the FedEx store located at 2020 K Street smelled what "they believed to be the odor of marijuana" coming from the package, which was headed to an address in Brattleboro, Vermont, says the document. The warrant says that the sniffing workers turned it over to police, who seized the mail and found the smoke.

Someone could theoretically have stolen the vet's info, of course. But the warrant says there's evidence the package was his: Muller allegedly used a credit card to pay for shipping. "Mr. Muller also returned to the Fed Ex location on Tuesday Sept. 6, 2011, to find out why his package wasn't delivered on Saturday, and to file a claim with Fed Ex," say the papers. "Both this incident and the delivery of the package were documented on the Fed Ex surveillance cameras."

Interestingly, Muller hasn't shown up in court records yet, indicating he hasn't been arrested. MPD didn't respond to inquiries about the case this morning.

Around the web, and even in a book, Muller is referred to as a Nobel Peace Prize winner—a distinction that might make him the only Nobel laureate to have his home searched for refer. As it happens, the description isn't quite accurate. "Bobby Muller was the co-founder of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, which in turn was one of six organizations that founded the International Campaign to Ban Landmines in 1992," says Kate Wiggans of ICBL. But according to Allegra Grevelius of the Nobel Foundation, the ICBL's 1997 Nobel was awarded only to the organization and its leader at the time, Jody Williams. Muller is "not a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate," says Grevelius.

Photo by Eric Caballero via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

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  • Tyler Colford

    This is nonsense, I mean the guy daughter for our country, probably has PTSD,and cannabis only harms him if it actually does harm you. Give the vet his weed!

  • Tyler Colford

    Stupid smart phone changing what I wrote. I did not type daughter I wrote fought

  • City Pete

    Tyler, if it was a brother from Southeast it would be okay? I'm just glad the police are policing across the board, and not just in the 'hood. Illigal is illegal, and stupid is stupid.

  • Typical DC BS

    This guy is a moron and needs to be treated the same as any other bozo doing something this stupid. Let's see if he gets a "pass", just like that idiot in Georgetown who was growing weed.

  • Mike Kendellen

    A little known fact is that Bobby Muller hired Jody Williams an employee of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and paid her salary throughout the campaign that led to the Peace Prize. They had a personal fallout and Muller's role in the landmine campaign is lost to history. Bobby Muller was a leader in the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, along with John Kerry, and also was a leading advocate to ensure Vietnam Veterans received the same benefits as WWII vets including disabled veterans. He is no longer affiliated with VVAF but you unfairly dismiss him as a person and his life long accomplishments. What happened is sad not a joke.

  • janus elloson

    It sounds like he's a fugitive from justice. I bet he's got a warrant out on him.


    ...Whether you wish to remember Bobby Muller as a Marine Infantry Leader who suffered a permanently disabling wound in service to our country,OR,an antiwar activist who served our nation and the world,remember him as well as the genuine American hero that he clearly is...Shame on anyone who thinks this incident is anything other than sad and unfortunate.