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How Much Would You Pay For a Taxi Upgrade?

Mayor Vince Gray wants to create a taxi surcharge to pay for a laundry list of upgrades to D.C.'s taxi system, which, per the Examiner, includes:

  • Installing credit card readers and Internet display systems for riders
  • A loan program for all D.C. resident drivers to upgrade their fleet to more fuel efficient vehicles
  • Stepping up enforcement efforts against illegal drivers

Sure, there are the critics who say massive upgrades shouldn't be done on the customer's dime, or the folks who think the half-empty Taxicab Commission can't handle an overhaul (here's looking at you, Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells). But if, say, a year of surcharges brought a glowing, updated taxi service to you, how much would you be willing to pay? A dollar? Two? Not one thin dime? Or, would you want more than the proposed upgrades for your money? Let me know in the comments.

Photo by Matt Dunn

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  • anonymous

    having a credit card reader in the cab would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO convenient. i am all for it.

  • SWMLuvah

    It would do DC well to look JUST across the river at VA, where cabs have already managed to get credit card readers installed!! Also, look at Boston. Those cabs are amazingly efficient, and nicely decked out.

  • StrangeFruit

    Screw that. Taxis are pricey enough and I can deal with using cash.

  • Michael

    NOT A PENNY! Every other city in the US has managed to have new cabs, with credit card payment and Without gouging their customers!

  • Janet F

    I already pay them $3 to just step inside the cab. And $1 for the never ending fuel surcharge. And $1.50 more for every person with me. And $2 for an item in the trunk. And $0.50 for every bag. Enough is Enough!

    I can't believe they would even consider any surcharge! If Gray even tries this, it's time to start a Recall!