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District Tax Office Employee Steals A Lot Of Money

$400,000 is an impressive amount of money to steal from the government:

Federal prosecutors stated in court papers that [Mary] Ayers-Zander, a tax office employee, stole the money between 2007 and January of this year in a scheme that involved fraudulently adjusting withholding credits in four taxpayers’ accounts. By doing so, prosecutors wrote, the District made 48 electronic transfers totalling $365,281 to two personal accounts that Ayers-Zander controlled.

She also fraudulently adjusted withholding credits of five other people, resulting in $46,175 being issued to them, prosecutors alleged.

It's no $48 million, though.

In cases like these, I always wonder what prompts people to do something so obviously wrong. There are a few obvious reasons: Lots of small thefts never get noticed; some folks have a sense of entitlement or think that theft is proper compensation for what is probably a really thankless job; and possibly, the inefficiency and duplication in the government makes it an easy mark for educated criminals. Still, when people go down, they go down. And that's the kind of fear that keeps yours truly from taking too many pencils from the City Paper office supply shelf.

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  • Really??

    How many other OCFO employees have stolen tax payer money due to Gandhi and his lax management style?

    Why is ITS still the tax collection/management tool for the District? It doesn't work and allows people like Zanders and Harriet Walters to pillage the District's coffers with reckless abandon. Could it be because Gandhi's kid was/is a senior executive there and is paid well? Did he help Gandhi with his "down payment" on his new 7 figure condo? Something is definitely rotten in Denmark (DC) and it starts with the CFO.

  • tired

    what is going on here how in the h-ll is this happening. What happen to auditors and investigators. This is the second time I has a DC taxpayers am fed up with money being stolen and no accountability. Where is Ghandi and why hasn't he been replaced?