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Myopic Twits: Older, Blinder and Wise-Asser

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy's bosses may have forced him to go on Twitter–with mixed results–but rest assured that Milloy has not dropped his cranky-uncle persona just because he's taken the paper's mandatory social-media class.

To wit: Last week marked the first anniversary of the meanest, most polarizing, and most irresistible political label in recent D.C. history: "Myopic little twits," Milloy's term for the young, white gentrifiers he identified with recently defeated mayor Adrian Fenty. A year later, with a new mayor in City Hall—and a coterie of senior officials with far fewer myopic little twits among them—I asked chocolate city's ace metro columnist to reflect on his contribution to the District political dictionary. No, he doesn't have any regrets:

Yeah, another year and the Myoptic Twits are older, blinder and wise-asser. I did notice that a few volunteered to help spruce up some DCPS buildings before classes began. So miracles do happen. The rest of them seem more interested in bringing a 19th century flava to the city, with their gas lamps and trolley cars. Then again, when you're on their side of the wealth gap, inheritance gap, employment gap, education gap, you can act like landed gentry. But Im not hatin'. In fact, what I'd like to do in this next year is team up with DCist for a Myo-Twit public safety campaign. Tell these folks that if they want more Bike Share they could at least learn how to ride the damn bike, stop weaving in and out of traffic. Car bumpers are harder than their butts if not their helmetless heads. Hey, I just want them to live to see another birthday.

And that, my friends, is why Milloy is so freaking great.

Meanwhile, Milloy's column this morning goes after President Barack Obama: "Now that the presidential campaign season has begun, it’s okay for President Obama to openly court black people again," he scoffs. Obama, of course, is known for having a dog, liking nice restaurants, being a prolific social media presence, and even, on occasion, riding a bike. Could it be that Milloy's latest target is America's first Myopic Little Twit President?

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  • IMGoph

    So his definition of 'myopic little twits' doesn't include young black professionals, only whites?

    No thanks, Courtland. You're still a racist. Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

  • John

    What's hilarious is he just discovered the annual ritual of making a metaphor real re: DCPS. They myopic twits have been doing that going on a decade now.

  • Southeast Jerome

    Everyone is racist, but at least Milloy puts it out there raw.

    He definitely tells on himself though -- when he says that pink people don't volunteer for beautification projects, etc. where the heck has he been for the past decade or more?

    MLK Service Day, National Youth Serve Day, Hands on DC, etc. are almost exclusive (or at least stat majority) pink people. Not all, but, damn near, the HU students that come to these events have to be dragged out of their inheritance, privileged, bougie, legacy provided for dorms to come out into the field of the city to help uplift their fellow little brothers and sisters.

    Look at City Year -- all pink people (granted many are lost in the sauce of the cause) with an occasional young girl from the city being raised by their grandmother...

    As much jive as the above may be, or truth as the above may be, that is what old codgedy Courtland is.

    But this old grumpy yungin will always have street card out here because he knew that bougie fakin' woman Janet Cooke was bojanglin' that story. He called her out and for that reason this IS his city.

    Even though we don't respect the dude, we respect the dude.

    He's got love on Chicago Street, Soufside

  • sinclair skinner

    he is a hater and an apologist for the negro elite at the expense of progressive Black politics. his analysis is a mix of tired seventies tokenism and eighties negro rhetoric. its sad that some establishment negros would rather stand in the way of progress. pass the baton.

  • Drez

    He's relictual.

  • rene

    Keep doing you Courtland

  • Ben

    Why's he gotta bring up the fact that a lot of us white DC nerds wear glasses? That's just a low blow.
    Argh...Repressed memories of being called "four-eyes" in middle school...resurfacing...Oh god...

  • Jacques

    The question is: are they also "littler"? He seemed to leave that one alone.

  • locus

    Gotta love the "get off my lawn" attitude expressed by Milloy toward the "myopic little twits" when we're the ones who clean up the trash on the sidewalk.

  • DC Native

    I'ts pretty obvious that the twits/white people have gotten more done for themselves in 5 years than Courtland Milloy (and some other black folks too) can stand. It must be tough for Courtland to sit around DC for more than 30 years and watch the problems multiply-failing schools, broken bureaucracy, heaps of self-loathing, and a parade of embarrassingly ineffective politicians and "leaders." It must be even tougher to see the myopic little whites come to the same streets and quickly make the place look and feel like they want through their own efforts.

  • Dr Pangloss

    Hey, look! It's that irrelevant old guy from the far suburbs who hates the city, and everyone living in it! He should get together with my dad's old white racist friend who lives in Aspen Hill. They've got so much in common!

    Milloy left the city and its people to rot, cashed out, moved to PG, and in the process defunded the city's programs. His attacks on the people who actually *live* in DC are fueled by a deep sense of guilt. Milloy is the problem. He's got absolutely zero moral credibility, and even less entertainment value. It's tempting to laugh at his clown show, but really he's rather disgusting.

  • Dr Pangloss

    @DC Native:

    It must be even tougher to see the myopic little whites come to the same streets and quickly make the place look and feel like they want through their own efforts.

    I'm not sure Milloy spends much time in the city anymore. He moved out to the exurbs about 10 years ago. I think it's mostly guilt that drives these screeds. It's understandable.

  • Kevin

    "But Im not hatin'." Yeah, sure, Milloy. That's exactly what you're doing -- spreading hatred and animosity. It's sad. You've chosen to divide people into "us" and "them" when you could have done better with your platform.

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  • Wrack

    Poor little Courtland is upset that all the white people are cornering the market on wiseassism. I wonder what it would take for him to drop the hate?

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