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Yes, I’m Ready for Some Football

The only thing Hunter S. Thompson ever wrote that I got was his suicide note.

He titled it "Football Season Is Over" and began with "No more games." Then he blew his head off.

I'm not in his league, but I look forward to the NFL season to an unhealthy degree, and the illness gets worse with every year.

I doubt a lie detector would let me answer "Yes!" if I was asked "Do you like pro football?" But I love the pro football season.

I know it's gonna be there for me come the weekend, especially on Sundays at 1 p.m. It's the only appointment television I've ever had.

Plus, the football season also holds the promise of seeing old friends I should see more often at Redskins tailgates or rec room viewings and eating their food. Fall Sundays are like so many Thanksgivings.

So tonight's a big night. The games begin.

Football Season Is Starting.

I'm already dreading that day in February when Football Season Is Over, the day Thompson couldn't handle.

There are no firearms in my house.

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  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Hunter S. Thompson’s 1958 cover letter for a newspaper job

  • Tom M.

    I'll take famous HST quotes for $50 - "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." A: How did HST feel were the essential ingredients of a quality NFL experience?

  • Adam

    "The only thing Hunter S. Thompson ever wrote that I got was his suicide note." What an ignorant way to start a story. Perhaps delving into his catalog a little deeper would be a start. Start with "Hell's Angels" or even his piece on 9/11 from Page 2.

  • Dave McKenna

    Adam:I didn't say the only thing I ever read, I said the only thing I ever got. I never bought his tales. You can buy them. I do, however, buy your indignance, and admire your righteous use of "ignorant!" Thanks for Playing the Feud™!

  • Adam

    No, that's cool. Siting someone's work, saying you don't "get" it, except for his suicide note is really heady and classy. If your goal was to needlessly raise someone's ire - you succeeded. It is ignorant, because you admit to not understanding his body of work, then quote what he said at death. Makes no sense.

    I do, however, like that you trademarked the Feud quote.

  • Dave McKenna

    Adam: I think what you're saying is you don't get what I wrote. Yet you quoted me! Makes no sense! Except when you're Playing the Feud™ to win, that is. Nicely done.

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    Stand down! You two gents.

    Just these two gents. For God's sake, not the NFL!

    Nothing like the scent of manure on Sunday with how-does-this-possibly-relate-to-a-decade's-ago-carnage? I have no idea, but the NFL does make a big city pimp blush.

    Flip the coin.

    Asshat owners will always receive and defend.

    Oh boy! Mother here comes the fly over. Look at 'dem boys fly! I'd fly one, but I wouldn't want to miss this patriotic game.