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Halloo, Hallay, Foggy Bottom Whole Foods Opens Today

D.C. gets another Whole Foods location today—the store opened today in Foggy Bottom at 22nd and I Street NW.

Two critical questions: A) Will having a new fancy grocery store in the area relieve the wrap-around-the-store lines at Trader Joe's? B) Will the new store (and parking garage) be less of a design nightmare than the P Street NW Whole Foods?

Photo by dionhinchcliffe via Flickr / Creative Commons Attribition 2.0 Generic License

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  • Robert

    Could you elaborate on how the P street NW Whole Foods is a design nightmare? I love that store, Its rare to see an urban store that has such a simple layout without crazy columns all over the place. Alot of stores downtown feel like caves. I would agree though that the roof parking is really hard to get in and out of spaces, I think they might be changing that though, last time i was there the roof was closed and there was construction equipment up there. Not sure what they are doing but if they could fix the parking that would be great.

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  • David

    I concur that the P Street location is a fine store; it has a good amount of space, good selection, plenty of prepared food, inside and outside eating areas, and with the recent renovations including the "bank teller" express checkout it's quite manageable.