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Tree Meets House

Hurricane Irene dumped about four inches of rain on the District, left thousands of people without power, and generally made Saturday a good day not to go outside. For the most part, the tropical storm-force winds didn't do too much damage. There were a few downed trees, though, including this one on the 700 block of Quincy Street NW that fell onto a house:

Hurricane Irene: Tree Meets House in D.C.Hurricane Irene: Tree Meets House in D.C.

Hurricane Irene: Tree Meets House in D.C.

Hurricane Irene: Tree Meets House in D.C.

By Sunday afternoon, the whole thing had been cut up already.

Photos by Mike Madden

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  • Mr T in DC

    I wish they could just pull them back upright, and stick the entire divot back into the ground, maybe adding some spikes or wire to hold it steady for awhile until the tree recovers. Sad.

  • Jamie

    I saw a similar incident on the 1300 block of Taylor NW. I was actually amazed at how little damage was apparent from outside after workemen had cut all the branches off the tree, I was expecting the top floor to be crushed. While I'm sure there was damage I couldn't see, the exterior facade was apparently intact.

    I guess they knew how to build 'em back then.