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Pepco: Get Ready for Failure!

With Hurricane Irene on its way and the District under a tropical storm warning, Pepco has been making robocalls to power customers around D.C., warning that power will probably go out and stay out for a while.

"We strongly urge you to prepare now for the very real possibility of power outages this weekend," the calls say.

Listen to the message here:

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Image of Hurricane Irene via National Hurricane Center

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  • TD40

    What a shock. The company who comes crawling out of the woodwork every year to crow about how they've improved their infrastructure and will better handle weather situations is now telling people that they should pretty much count on the power going out. Then again, that's what usually happens when you send repair people out with scotch tape, paper clips, and rubber bands. Pepco is the worst.

  • Joe Jones

    I just moved here from the Chicago suburbs. Common wealth edison sucks much more than pepco. We have lost power twice for 3 days this summer due to storms. We lost it for 13 hours due to a slight rain, and we lost it again for another 2 hours in the same weather conditions not more than a week later. Give this company credit, it takes strong storms to bring their network down.

  • Bob

    Worst. Electric. Utility. Company. Ever.

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  • Bob English

    Hopefully there are no power outages in the area but if there are, the best money I ever spent was $29 on a Solar/Crank Lantern (never needs replacement batteries) sold by LL Bean that I ordered online right off their website. Once you are on the LL Bean webiste, search for "Solar Lantern"....they come in handy during power outages and are also great for camping.