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Do Not Go To Costco

If you're planning an afternoon supply run to the Costco in Pentagon City as Hurricane Irene draws near, don't bother. The scene there this morning:

Hurricane Irene Preparations Make Costco Crowded

Then again, you might still be in line to check out by the time the storm arrives—and we could think of worse spots to shelter in place than a warehouse loaded with provisions (and booze!).

Photo by Keltie Hawkins

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  • Darrow Montgomery

    and active fit boxer briefs! JIC

  • Katie Koopertown

    i been @ costco shopping all morning
    i got water,matches,lighters, batteries for my vibrator

  • LocalStops

    $11.99. What a steal!

  • Smart Shopper

    And the Chocolate Pentagon!

  • Tyler

    This is what the Costco nearest me looks like all the time.