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The $9 Beer Has Arrived at FedExField

Rex Grossman played above his weight class and the Redskins looked adequate in Friday night's exhibition win over the Steelers.

But the biggest news reported by attendees to the preseason opener was that the price of beer has gone up a dollar in the grandstands. Drinkers say the roving beer men now charge $9 a pop.

Apparently you can save a buck by going to a concession stand in the concourse.

(No word on the 2011 going rate for a Beer in the Bathroom.)

But seriously: How the hell much will people pay for a beer before it's too much?

And shouldn't you also be able to buy a lap dance at an establishment where drinks are going for that price?

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  • Heather

    "Butt seriously"...really? A little distracted by the picture, are we?

  • Bill Lehecka

    Li'l danny has to fund his frivolous lawsuits somehow.

  • brendan

    Oh danny boy, i'd accept this if we had just won the Super Bowl and were spending big money to resign our MVP QB, star O-Lineman and pro-bowl safety... but we're not. We went 4-12 last year and the QB du jour is Rex Grossman.

  • dcborn61

    Beers on the lower level were $9 from the concourse too.

  • Victor

    I wont go to a single game this season or any future seasons until there's a real reason to. Honestly with home theater getting so good and the cost of gas, the trouble of getting there, the cost of just isn't worth it. Now about that lap dance...

  • Stephen

    "shouldn't you be able to buy a lap dance..."

    Don't give Danny any more ideas for fleecing the mindless.

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  • Claire

    Beers in NY bars have been around $9 for about a decade.

  • Dave McKenna

    I think Mr. Snyder is a fine human being. You all should stop judging him so harshly.
    (This comment is not being influenced by any pending litigation whatsoever.)