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Redskins Showing New Fondness for Fans?

Were Lexus Lanes at FedExField entrances a flop?

More apparent evidence of ticket-selling desperation from the folks in Ashburn: Management appears to have actually started acknowledging that the game-day experience matters!

No, really!

Yesterday over at, the Redskins-owned message board, a poster wrote about being solicited to buy premium seats via email and snail mail.

According to the poster, the Redskins latest sales pitch includes a promise that the following "enhancements" will be made to FedExField operations in the 2011 season:

  • Addition of more ticket takers, supervisors, ushers, and other staff to get you into the stadium more quickly
  • All restrooms will now have attendants throughout the game
  • Complimentary Redskins FanVision handheld devices to view replays, fantasy football updates, and scores from around the League

Delivering on all these fronts would mean a sea change for the fans.

More ticket takers? Guess that means the $100 FLO Pass, a sort of Lexus Lane for ticketholders that let holders jump the crazy lines at all stadium entrances, was a bust?

Attendants in every rest room? But, but, but... No more beer in the bathrooms!

Complimentary handheld devices to check scores? So whatever happened to the Kangaroo TV rentals for $39.95 a game???

I swear, I don't even know this organization any more!

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  • Alex

    More desperate moves from a once proud organization that continues to run itself into the ground.

  • Kev29

    Smaller crowds are also going to help fan experience. Something they've basically admitted in the demolition of so many seats.

  • Lemonaid into Lemons

    Kev, that is merely glass-half-full thinking.

    Consider: With the waiting list at least 845,000 and climbing, the seats were pulled not because of lack of demand but to go along with the other enhancements to make the new season ticket owners' experience that much better! Less seats, less ticket holders. Less ticket holders, more bathroom attendants/ticket holder.

    It Just Makes Sense! (tm)