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Neighborhood News Roundup: Meat-Eating Plants Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Neighborhood News RoundupNo, Really, Not in My Back Yard: If good fences make good neighbors, it follows that shit fences could make for shit neighbors. A member of the Cleveland Park email list writes the following: "I have a next door neighbor who picks up the dog poop in his yard with a plastic bag and then drops the bag over his fence, where it lands on the narrow sidewalk between our houses, about a foot from my house. Often 10 or 20 of these bags and their smell and the insects pile up before he sees fit to put them in the garbage can. I have spoken about this to both husband and wife and they are careful for a few days but then start doing it again." Advice is requested, since this criminal odor is not actually illegal.

A Damnable Lot: A post at Frozen Tropics about the Metro station that never happened at Oklahoma Avenue has some sparked commentary on readers' least favorite parking spots. Says one, "Also, couldn't agree more on the RFK parking lot [as an] offense against nature comment. The run-off from those seven acres at parking lots G and H is inexcusable. Where do you think all of the Snowmageddon snow ended up?"

Hungry, Hungry Houseplants: Does a carnivorous seedling grow in Brookland? "Would anyone know where I could buy a grown venus fly-trap, something along that sort, for the flies in our house?" asks a member of the email list. "Apparently I can buy one off of Amazon, but would rather get one in person. Home Depot?"

Everything But The Kitchen Sink: In the ever-vigilant Chevy Chase email list, an unusual theft has been reported. "Someone has taken a gutter/downspout from a house on Northampton near 26th. Another thing to watch out for," warns a new message.

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  • Mrs. D

    1. How can NOT putting trash IN A TRASH CAN not be illegal? So if they were just tossing bagged, non-offensive-smelling trash on the ground until they felt like putting it in a can that would be okay, too?

    3. Venus fly traps will not control insect populations. In fact, they may make the problem worse, as they secrete a nectar that attracts bugs. Try cleaning. Flies won't hang around unless there's something for them to eat.

    4. Gutter/downspout/screen door/anything else metal thefts are not at all "unusual." Criminals recycle them for cash. The problem is so bad in my hometown that scrappers had to start keeping records of who brought in loot (i.e., checking ids and keeping logs), and notify the police of anyone bringing in more than a certain amount (I don't remember what that amount was, but it was supposedly an "amount common to home renovation and repair projects," with an exemption for licensed contractors). Also, everyone there locks their screen doors so they're harder to steal and has seriously bolted their spouting to their homes. Something to watch out for, but not uncommon.