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Cops Nab Driver Suspected Of Beating Up Cyclist

Cops believe they've caught the driver of a red Camaro that plowed into District cyclist Ian Barry in May.

Barry and his friend Saul Leiken (pictured above) say they were pedaling their bikes home along an Adams Mill Road NW bike lane when the Camaro tried to make a turn into a nearby alley; the car missed the alley, but caught Barry dead on. After Barry demanded the Camaro's driver get out and exchange information, several men exited the car and jumped them, they say.

But Leiken, who ended up with a concussion, was still able to get the Camaro's license plate. On July 6, police arrested 23-year-old Demarcus Boulware of Tempe Hills, Md., for the alleged assault. According to court documents, Boulware was identified in part by a photo on his Facebook page. He's pleaded not guilty to a simple assault.

Boulware's lawyer declined comment.

Leiken says that since the incident, tons of local cyclists have been coming to him with car on bike horror stories. "It's disconcerting and scary to hear about," he says.

Photo of Saul Leiken by Charlie McCormick

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  • Ignacio

    Wow, the criminal is a Maryland Tyrone. Shocking.

  • Typical DC BS

    I wonder how someone came up with the name Demarcus?

  • Steve

    Typical ghetto Maryland driver...a MD license plate is a red flag: avoid at all costs.

  • Daniel

    Wow. Amazing hate. Demarcus did not likely name himself -- insult his parent(s) instead. "Ghetto Maryland driver"? Is ghetto what you use to substitute for "black"? Let me tell you what I know.

    I come from Texas and almost all black people are N*****. But since moving to this area, I have learned there are good decent black people and there are "others" where "others" are in the minority. I have had a big change of heart with new experience.

    Next, the incident happened at 2am. Think on that for a moment. "Dark" "late at night" "sleepy" "tired" are words that come to mind when I read 2am. And bicycling at 2am?? C'mon! I'm a cyclist myself doing about 10 miles a day to and from work but I'm no idiot. 2am? That's a deathwish.

    And since moving out here, I have noticed what I can only identify as "suicidal tendencies" where it comes to pedestrians and cyclists out here. I don't care who's right. In the end, it only matters who gets crushed and/or killed and it's usually pedestrians or cyclists. To pedestrians and cyclists I say "stop daring them to kill you!!" I find the behavior and attitude unbelievable and unimaginable.

    And this was four guys in a car. They were out partying... and since it's four guys, they probably finished the night "frustrated" since there were no girls with them. You've got to be some kind of jackass to take on four guys after being hit by a car at 2am.

    Technically, it's all in favor of the cyclist and I would rule in favor of the cyclist if I were judge. But you know? There's more to it than technical details. There's people, common sense, emotions and more at play in the real world. Take them ALL into consideration when you are going about your life in this world.

  • blkwrestl

    The more I read this paper the more I hope Snyder wins his lawsuit. You are all filled with such hate and slef loathing, it is a wonder you have not exploded you ill informed pigs.

  • Wrack

    They hit a cyclist and then tried to stop him from getting their insurance info and even from writing down their license plate... by beating him up.

    Yep, that's a crime alright -- actually, two crimes: 1) fleeing the scene of an accident, and 2) assault. "Deathwish" or not, you can't blame the victim for these jackasses letting their testosterone go crazy. I think society's reasonable expectation is that you don't beat the shit out of someone after you run them over with your car. No matter who is at fault.