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At D.C. Jail, Stabbing Isn’t Life-Threatening?

Raymond Roseboro was brutally stabbed five times last Friday in the D.C. Jail. His mother, Raylette Roseboro, says her son was "stabbed twice in the chest, once in the back, once in the shoulder and once in the forehead."

She also says that, at first, the jail kept her in the dark about the situation. City Desk has learned that the jail is currently "reviewing" why.

When she heard of the stabbing hours after the attack, through a cousin who'd spoken with one of Roseboro's fellow inmates, Raylette Roseboro called the jail wanting to know what happened—and ask why, as her son's emergency contact, she hadn't been told about the attack. The jail was combative, she says. "We don't have to call you and tell you anything because it's not life-threatening," she says she was told.

It was difficult to imagine a situation in which being stabbed five times wasn't life-threatening, so the mom kept pushing. On Tuesday, an official finally told her about her son’s injuries, she says. Roseboro was briefly hospitalized and has been shipped back to jail.

Awaiting trial on murder charges, Roseboro had been locked inside the D.C. Jail since December. Cops allege he shot teenager Prince Okorie in November.

Sylvia Lane, a spokeswoman for the D.C. Department of Corrections, admits DOC made a mistake by keeping the parent out of the loop. "There was an error made in this case—the emergency contact, his mother should have been notified," she writes. "Please be advised that normally the proper notifications are made—our Interim Director has asked that the matter be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that in all cases, contact is made as appropriate."

For her part, Raylette Roseboro wonders if the jail, which has had problems with stabbings before, was hoping to keep the incident quiet. "I feel like they were just going to brush it under the rug," she says.

Lane says Roseboro's stabbing is being investigated, so she can't provide "further details" on the violence.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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    If the criminal wasn't a criminal, he wouldn't be in DC Jail

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    Oh my poor baby, didn't worry about him too much when he was recking havoc in the neighborhood. Oh I know, I will sue DC for failing to protect my baby from the thugs just like hime!!

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    The bullet wounds to Prince's head were life-ending. His mom and sisters miss him.