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Police Standoff on Mt. Pleasant Street

Police Standoff on Mt. Pleasant Street

Heavily armed Metropolitan Police Department officers surrounded a building near Mt. Pleasant and Irving streets NW Tuesday afternoon, responding to what officials said was a "possible barricade situation." A man was reportedly barricaded in his apartment with a screwdriver or screwdrivers.

Washington City Paper contributor Stefanie Gans was nearby and took pictures of the standoff. View a slideshow of the scene here.

UPDATE: The man is reportedly dead, after witnesses heard two gunshots.

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  • WardQueen

    What next? The anarchy of Columbia Heights is bleeding into Mt. Pleasant! Of course in CH a man in a a building with a "screwdriver or screwdrivers" would not be cause for alarm as most people there have a screw loose.

  • WardQueen

    Looking at the pictures the term "over kill" comes to mind! A man is in his apartment with "screwdrivers" and 60 armed police officers are surrounding the building? I was unaware it was even illegal to have a screwdriver in one's own home much less that it posed a public threat.

    Guess Lanier wants us to see that we are getting our money's work for her outrageous salary! So I guess the 60 armed officers sent to subdue the man with a screwdriver proves that our Police Chief is "fully loaded" even if only half cocked.

    Sure must be a slow news day!

  • Southeast Ken


  • Anon and On

    Hell, that's nothing. I once spent an entire weekend barricaded in my apartment with screwdrivers. Then the orange juice ran out and I had to switch to greyhounds.

  • Ron The Don
  • Word is

    "The man with the screwdriver had stabbed someone it the apartment. Snipers took him out with 2 shots because he had a son. Sniper was removed in a body bag and the stabbing victim was taken to the hospital."

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  • Jeff

    The WP is reporting that the responce was due to a request from DMH for assistance in taking a mentally ill man to the hospital. So once again MPDC calls in SOD to assasinate the mentally ill. What ever happened to the CIT we were promised back in 2009 so this would stop happening?

  • Ward-8

    I think its high time that MPD began a policy in such situations of the use of other than lethal force,every jurisdictions surounding DC have non-lethal weapons,such as tasers,bean bags etc.However, MPD is stuck in the realm of shoot anytime threaten and sort through the facts later. Come on Chief get the non-lethal weapons and re-train!!