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The Needle: Palin Thunder Edition

Sarah Barracuda: Ah, Memorial Day weekend. Nothing says "the start of summer" like barbecues, Rolling Thunder on the Mall, and a Palin family vacation in the District. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will drop by the motorcycle rally Sunday, to kick off a bus tour of important historical sites that could lead her right to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. In some alternate reality, that is. To spot Palin this weekend, just look for the bus painted to look like Alaska. -3

Wale v. Bin Laden's Lady: The spats that pop up on Twitter sometimes seem to be the product of a Mad-Libs-esque random selection. Want proof? Take the fight that erupted recently between D.C. rapper Wale and author Kola Boof, best known for a 2006 memoir in which she claimed she'd been Osama bin Laden's lover. The Wale-Boof beef started with a series of tweets where the author criticized the video for "Pretty Girls." Wale responded by saying he could bash her for "porking terrorists," but that he wouldn't stoop quite that low. There's no way such an absurd exchange could have taken place in more than 140 characters. +2

We All Scream for Screen on the Green: There's something to be said for bah-humbuggery about outdoor summer movie festivals. There's no comfortable way to sit in a crowd on the Mall, there's always a bit more light than there should be, and someone nearby is always talking. Still, the Screen on the Green schedule announced today looks decent, all that notwithstanding: In the Heat of the Night, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Cool Hand Luke. And yes, every one of those movies was released more than 35 years ago; that means you've probably already seen them, so you won't mind dealing with the light and the talking. +2

Tiger Transfer: The big cat population of the District is increasing rapidly. First, the National Zoo's lions had cubs; now, the zoo has acquired a new tiger. The 2 1/2-year-old cat, Damai, arrived from the San Diego Zoo; zookeepers here say they'll bring a male to breed with her later this year. Which seems pretty presumptuous of them. +2

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  • Rod
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  • Jeffery Haas

    A Vietnam Veteran's Letter To Sarah Palin - author unknown

    For some time now, you have been an amusing, albeit mostly incoherent annoyance. But today you crossed a line. With that high cut helmet, carefully designed to allow your professionally coiffed hair to flow freely, you have tried to hijack a moment that you can't even begin to understand. You decided that an event that has for years been intended to call attention to our POW/MIAs would make a really cool photo-op, as well as a great kick-off for your next get-rich-quick scheme.

    Well, Sarah, you picked my war this time. I had several buddies, two of whom died within a couple of meters of me, and you zoomed right past their names on The Wall today; winking and smiling all the way. You weren't invited, you weren't welcome, but when has that ever stopped you?

    Did you make a few extra bucks for your PAC? If so, I hope that helps you sleep tonight. Because you see, Sarah, my buddies have been sleeping for 40 years; and if they knew that a two-bit grifter like you would one day be making money off of their sacrifice, they might not be resting as easily as I hope they are tonight.

    I'm a Christian, Sarah, and I don't say this lightly ... God damn you, Sarah Palin.