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Freedom Isn’t Free!

The Examiner has plastered Metrobuses with its new “Freedom Isn’t Free” ad campaign:

At Washington City Paper, we agree—and it’s not just freedom that comes with some kind of price tag. After all, there’s no such thing as a free brunch.


Freedom Isn't Free



Freedom Isn't Free



Freedom Isn't Free

Illustrations by Brooke Hatfield

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  • Ben

    The Examiner needs to fire their ad agency...for missing the obvious money slogan: The Examiner is a free paper, so the ads clearly should read: "Freedom isn't free...but The Examiner is!"

  • Justin

    Ummmm... have they not seen Team America? Freedom isn't free. Freedom costs a buck oh five.

  • Joshua

    My favorite one is the one that has a little arab girl being towered over by American soldiers, cropped off at the knee. The Examiner thinks "our brave soldiers are protecting her FREEDOMZ!!!!!" but to me she looks terrified.

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