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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Druggie Offspring in the White House?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's not real popular inside his own home right now. But he's still got a place in the White House.

Well, in the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, at least.

He's had that spot for years, actually. Among the anti-drug literature long available on the ONDCP's website is a roster of what is headlined "Street/Slang Terms for Steroids."

And atop a list that includes "gym candy," "pumpers" and "stackers," you'll find "Arnolds."

Several years ago I asked the Drug Enforcement Agency, which also put its own anti-steroids public-awareness campaign that included warnings about “Arnolds" if the bastard language was indeed the offspring of Schwarzenegger and the drug use that birthed his bodybuilding and, therefore, his political careers.


“Arnold being so big—big as far as recognition is concerned—in the bodybuilding community, that’s the term that bodybuilders in Southern California used for steroids,” DEA spokesman Douglas S. Collier told me. “Now, everybody in that community knows what 'juice' is—what 'gym candy,' 'stackers,' and, yes, what 'Arnolds' is. Those are universal now.”

That ain't the greatest legacy for a guy with Schwarzenegger's political ambitions.

But at least it doesn't cost him child support.

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  • Just another “Joker”

    Still amazing that he was elected governor in California. Says something sad about all those liberal activists who want to be leaders in public service.

  • WonderWardMan

    Sadly for poor Arnold despite being memorialized in the lexicon of the era it would seem his focus has remained on those things about him which have remained forever small.

    Back in the deep, dark, secreted, days when he was a "posing strap model" photos of him wearing little more then a band-aid evoked only the enraged jealous of the occasional pigeon or chihuahua.

    I understand he is planning to travel internationally. Good idea as he is likely to be a sex symbol in places like Japan.

    Overcompensation thy name is Arnold!

  • afristone

    let AS be he is not the first to have achild outside wed lock, if he has performed as a Governor, the question is if he has what it takes to be in the white house then let him have a shot at it, it is his private life after all there was once clintongate aka moniclowensky.

  • WildBill.TX

    Arnie is one sick egomaniac. If it wasn't for steroids, he would be a nobody. I'll bet you he will probably have a mirror in his coffin lid. LOL The only small muscle he has is the one that really counts. Maybe that's the reason he has to have so many women, he can't please any of them. Ego and vainity did him in.



  • http://yahoo JOSEPH DREYFUS

    jesus give him a break i feel that at sometime in his life a man whom is under sooo much pressure will fall prey to this type of problem people do not understand what he as going thru at that momment that he gave in to his immediate needs most likely his wife ws away or not there at that time and he just gave into the stress its a really simple easy relief to do for most men and at that momment he needed relief just thank god larry king was not there at that exact time arnold i understand for i crossed that brige many many times and my wife understood

  • sharonakana

    Joseph Dreyfus seems to be full of it. You use JESUS name then you pick & choose the scripture that fits you.

  • tomas

    arnold is dirty and dishonest, yet the public is willing to accept his behavior and give him carte blanche to continue his groping doping ways. go figure? california deserves better. maria deserves better and the movie industry should find a new action hero.

  • Brian J

    You wanted to rip on Schwarzeneggar and THIS is what you came up with? This is pathetic.

  • Juan

    So many names for this guy,he was despicable when he was a bodybuilder,his &th Olimpya won it by trickery and everybody knows that,he was and is selfish and egotistical,but as an actor?...hahaha..."I ll be back"... if I don t see him making movies or anywhere I ll be a happy man... I don t know I just dislike the guy,now he is a full blown Kennedy,liar,cheater,womanizer...yeah a full blown Kennedy.

  • Carol W

    It should be noted that during the early days of his career, Arnold had plenty of enthusiastic coaches, trainers and promoters who encouraged his use of "Arnolds." In addition, it was a commonly accepted practice, including in our high schools by STAFF MEMBERS and with knowledge of not only administrators but PARENTS.

    The dangers and ill side effects of steroids were not fully known at the time. It stayed that way for some time as the industry which had been built around these drugs had already been established. The young athletes who trusted (and often idolozed) their parents, trainers, coaches, etc. were actually victims of the adults who pushed them to accomplish things the human body was not engineered to achieve via the use of drugs.

    I saw nothing in this article giving Mr. Schwarzeneggar credit for YEARS of work he did in discouraging atheletes and the youth of this country to avoid the ADMITTED mistakes he made as an up and coming athlete. It should be double noted Arnold was quite instrumental in making the public aware of the dangers of steriods. Given the climate of the day and the accepted wide spread use of steriods, this was not in his best interests. He was a pioneer for going AGAINST the wishes and advice of above listed trainers, coaches, athletic associations. As with any business, they feared a marked decrease in their profit margins. As one infamous athletic celebrity coined it many decades ago, "Without steriods, we must now rely on pure human stock for competitions."

    If you wish to trash Arnold, it would be wise to do it on something legitimate. But your choice of content was seriously understudied and blatantly overstated.

  • Diane Miller

    The gossip and slandering that the media and the public are only hurting the children-come on now! have alittle respect -or are you that stupid that you dont know how???
    This is a private matter for their family to work out, and nomatter what happened-ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!

  • femi

    it can happen any where else.

  • Duane Stogsdill

    I can on longer live here and be reminded of the folly in state government. I'm packed and leaving!

  • The Bell


  • Teriqua

    I'd still stand in line to tap that.

  • MikeK

    Does the author have any responsibility at all? The title is VERY misleading, implying that one of Arnold's kids is on drugs and/or heading into politics. Aside from that, if you really believe that Arnold coined steroid slang or that ANYONE in California called steroids "Arnolds" you are a sucker. "Candy" is a term as old as its original meaning. Report some real news or add an interesting angle, but this is pathetic, lazy journalism. I guess this website needs filler content or something...

  • MikeK

    How did "drug" use birth his career? Everybody else was taking steroids too. Arnold just looked the best of all of them because he was already a better physical specimen. And who is entertainment HASN'T been inspired by alcohol, marijuana, or drugs? You're in denial sweety. And really, do you care? Do you care who or why a bodybuilding competition is won? Do you care why The Terminator looks so cool? Are Rocky movies spoiled for you because you know Sly was probably using HGH? You're a woman. Converse with the Down Syndrome kid who made Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

  • R Gates

    Who is the sissyman now???? He should become a muslim so he can have all the wives he wants but he should also consider moving to the countries that support that sort of behavior. Good ridence to him.

  • http://facebook paula

    When you are in Politics this happenends. He was an Actor and very well Known.Maria Knew that when she met and Married him.It's just so sad that after all she gave up for him that there lives must end this way as a couple. Men who cheat have only Our Lord to face, as do wemon.We are not to Judge the people who do things in this World.So People who think they have the right to Judge, then know that in the end you will to be Judged.Learn to mind your own Business, and leave people alone!

  • sunsdahl

    Everyone of you who are ripping on Arnie DO NOT have any idea who he is. Not only that but I bet you have lived your lives much much worse than he. The fact that Steroids slang is refered to him has no bearing on who he is. It's not like he gave it that name. I am disheartened that some my fellow Americans are such idiots.

  • sonya

    He may be know for what-ever, however, the man is in poor taste in the way he waited decades to reveal the rat that he is.

  • john


  • Awo

    So bad Annie, but believe me millions of men worldwide do the same thing. His undoing is that he is a star.

  • B.diddy

    Hey "Just Another Joker" FYI you said, "says something sad about all those liberal activists who want to be leaders in public service" guess what buddy? Arnold is REPUBLICAN, meaning conservative not liberal, get your facts straight please lol. Yes, conservastives often mess up too.

  • T.Stevens

    Anorld made a mistake and people must start to understand that it can happen to us as well.Lets
    focus our attention on the possitive bearing in
    mind that Anorld is human.What are we going to get by
    sentencing him to death?
    Iam sure if we forgive Anorld,we will be forgiven as well.
    That is a universal law.

  • Linda Russell

    Because Arnold is in the spot life, people has made such a big deal out of it. (I don't condone what he did) However, how many of you people are out there doing the same dishonest crap to thier husbands and wives. (Yes wives are just as guilty). You people that are out there with your mean cruel words about what he has done to his family are probably doing it right now and, not just a one night affair. So before you start pulling the limb out of Arnold's eyes, start trying to get the log sticking out of your own eye. Jesus knew these things would happen and he also knew that there would be bigots like yourself judging Arnold. Look at your own life, there is probably so much junk in your own closet that needs to be dwelt with and leave this man along. Let him deal with the mess he has gotten in with his family in a private way instead of thousands of you idiots sticking your nose into his buisness and if truth be known you probably have years of work to judge and get straighten out. Like the scripture when the woman was to be stone, they dragged her into the city and brought her to Jesus thinking he was bigot like they were when in turn, he is filled with nothing but LOVE. All these people out there had thier stones ready to stone her to death. Jesus looked around at all these people filled with hate and said the famous words. "He who is without sin, cast the first stone". They all saw the sadness of Jesus with his children wanting to stone one of his own and after saying those words; one by one they all dropped thier stones one by one and walked away with thier heads hung down probably feeling very shameful because they were no different than the woman. It still goes for today. Who is without sin? NOBODY. as long as we continue to live in this sinful world with this selfish flesh which is so quick to judge, we will continue to sin. What Arnold did is between himself and God and of course Maria so clean out your own closets and let Arnold tend to his own sin. If anything pray for Arnold and his family. More can be done with prayer than people like yourselves standing aound with your filthy mouths and your pointed finger and get your own house in order. What you are doing, Jesus calls that sin. You are no different than the one in question. Sin is sin in God's eyes and instead of trying to tear him piece by piece. Pray and if you can't do that then start doing some spring cleaing in your own closets and come clean with your spouses.
    I love you Arnold and all that you have done over the years. You were a great Governor and now I pray that your family can forgive you and take you back in and be the family that I know you want so badly. Everyone does things on the spur of the moment that cannot be taken back. As long as you have God's forgiveness then you will be fine. I pray that Maria weighs out the good and the bad. Whatever happens in the end. I pray that you learn from it and be the Godly man that God has chosen you to be. I pray for the mistress and thier son and something good comes out of anything th Devil wants bad. God will turn around anything that the Devil want to do you harm. I just pray that you make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour and whatever happens in the future. You will fine. I know I had alot of skeltons in my closet. Take them to the foot of the cross and give them over to God. Brush yourself off and go about your ways NEVER LOOKING BACK. I will pray for you. We will not be perfect when we enter into Jesus's presence, that only comes after leaving this terrible place we call the earth. As long as we continue to live in this world, we will sin but as Jesus said in his word "HIDE THE WORD OF GOD IN YOUR HEART THAT YOU SIN NOT". We will continue to have our weaknesses but ask for giveness and go on. Jesus said he will in no way cast you out when you go humbly before and asked for forgiveness. That includes all the self rightousness people that are reading this. Quit judging and clean your own life up. Thank you Lord for teaching me your word. Good Luck Arnold and may God walk beside you all the days of your life.

  • Shirley

    If he loved his family he would not have done the things he did and has for years!! JESUS had nothing to do with this cheater so leave him out of it!!OF course he has a place in the WHITE HOUSE~~~~~ Up there with all the other GREAT people that control our lives~~ when they can't even manage their own and have the morals of an alley cat!!!

  • http://NONE AL

    AWENULD really sucked in COWIFPHORNIA, BIG TIME!

    White House HA, HA, we already have a darned idiotic cowpile there!

    Moo, moo, Bongo, moo, to you and YOU!

  • Kacey

    ARNOLD-Cal. elected him. I felt badly for Maria Shriver-she married him.His blatant disrespect for her is unconsionable. Hillary suffered at Clintons indiscretion, however no child came forth & Monica was all up for the press & exageration,lies made her a pile of cash..As for Arnold-with Shriver's decision to marry the guy, I was simply embarrassed for her-deciding she had never seen any of his movies,as is my case. The AD.s on TV were enough to send me channel surfing. There are many intelligent men in the movies, good looking,politically correct--not to leave out the many women,too. Well,maybe manly man needs a baby now. I dreamed of the family cuddling around, Arnold buys baby with Cal. oranges-everybody's happy.Pollitically correct.

  • john z

    This is for wildbill who said without steroids Arnold would be nothing.....You can take plenty of shots at Arnie but ALL of the bodybuilders he competed against did them ,and every one thats has competed since. Contrary to popular belief steriods don't do much without some serious hard work in the gym. He is alot of things but you can't take away what he accomplished in bodybuilding, the Micheal Jordan of the sport.His workouts were legendary attack him from one of the many other angles he has made available to you since

  • http://facebook Del. L

    So we discover he's human after all! Sop what, I still like the guy!