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If McNabb Wouldn’t Follow the Shanahans’ Orders, Then Who Gave Him a New Contract?

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield

The latest chapter in the ruination of Donovan McNabb is playing out on radio and TV outlets all over town.

This week's installment holds that the feud between McNabb and Redskins management kicked into high gear around the time of his benching in Detroit last season, when he allegedly refused to wear a wristband with plays spelled out during games.

The implication to all this is McNabb wasn't smart enough to run Kyle Shanahan's offense without accessorizing.

The accuracy of the reports is being debated. But this episode sure sounds familiar to anybody who remembers how Brian Mitchell and LaVar Arrington and Laveranues Coles and Gregg Williams and countless others were humiliated by the organization on their way out of Ashburn.

"This reminds me of how I was released by the Redskins," Brian Mitchell said on the Mike Wise Show on WJFK-FM this morning. "Every three months they changed the reason why they did it."

But if this wristband episode in Detroit is legit, then why would the Redskins give McNabb a long-term contract mere weeks later?

Unless, of course, somebody other than Kyle's dad, Mike Shanahan, is actually calling the shots for the team. Is that possible?

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  • Typical DC BS

    I would take Brian Mitchell's, Levar Arrington's and other former Redskins word over that classy guy's, Dan Snider, word seven days of the week, 365 days a year.

    The Redskins are close to being a laughingstock on par with the Lions and Browns. At least those two teams are on the upswing. I don't see that with the Redskins.

  • Big-K

    Lets see Kyle protected and covered for by daddy, Mediocre football player however due to daddy protection clause and so call being an excellent Offense coordinator with how manny superbowl wins? Enough said.

  • Jimbo

    Easy there Dave. You're not questioning the BEST owner ever, are you? That could get you in trouble.

  • DamnDan

    Uh oh Dave. Did you use the name Redskins without Danny giving you permission? He may sue you.

    Dan Snyder and HIS Redskins are the laughing stock of the NFL. Little Napoleon has ruined this franchise.