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Video: Bin Laden’s Death Gives Bros a Reason to Party

If you chose to stay in last night and enjoy a full-night's sleep, you missed out on one heck of a brotastic party at the White House. When news broke that Osama bin Laden was dead, crowds started to gather in front of the White House with American flags, beachballs, and Bush/Cheney campaign signs. Cheerleaders took to the sky with booty shorts and "USA" chants. So glad he's going out in style, just like any good championship sports team.

Video of the party from NBC Washington:



Some of our favorite tweets about the crowd:

To see D.C. people celebrating in trees and sports bras, check out our photo gallery.

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  • RobShaw

    I find it interesting, I suppose that's a good word, that people are treating this like its V-E or V-J day.

  • Typical DC BS

    It IS a cause for celebration. President Obama said it best "Justice is served". Bin Laden swims with the fishes!

  • Emily

    I am reminded of the book, "Stuff White People Like."

  • Southeast Ken

    I was happy to hear about the death of Bin Laden. However, I was shocked by the behavior of many GW students acting unruly, drinking beer, and climbing trees in front of the White House fence. If these were mostly Howard University students, the U.S. Secret Service would have shot and killed them.

  • Ryan

    You forgot to mention the continual cheers of "Cancel finals" that consistently broke out every 10 minutes or so throughout the night.

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  • J

    It looked like an embarrasing display of behavior by these college kids to me. Most of them were 10 when this happened so I dont see why they were so excited. Those of us in our 30s and older suffered that day and will never forget. The scene at ground zero seemed much more tame and a more mixed crowd. IMO