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The Needle: Baron Carrickfergus Edition

Legislators As Landlords: Congress used to content itself with passing laws to dictate what the District government could or couldn't spend its locally raised money on. Now, apparently, that's not enough. Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley says D.C. officials need to do something about the fact that the only licensed gun dealer in the city has lost his lease—meaning it's impossible to get new handguns here. We suggest Grassley let the dealer, Charles Sykes, operate out of his suite in the Hart Senate Office Building if he feels so strongly about it. -2

Trumped: What better way to show how cool and edgy your newspaper is than to invite a rich buffoon whose attacks on President Barack Obama's citizenship and academic credentials verge ever closer every day to unreconstructed racism? Such is the strategy apparently guiding The Washington Post, which will proudly bring Donald Trump to the White House Correspondents Dinner tomorrow night—making Dana Milbank, of all people, look like the sanest person on the paper's staff. -2

Royal Wedding Tie-Ins: The big wedding-related news of the day occurred bright and early and in London, where the newly minted Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, married the newly minted duchess, Kate Middleton. (We thought one of his other new titles, Baron Carrickfergus, sounded significantly cooler.) That didn't stop marketers in D.C. from getting in on the action. Filene's Basement held another installment of its "Running of the Brides" at its Mazza Gallerie location, drawing crowds from the presumably small Venn diagram intersection of "people who are a little obsessed with weddings" and "people who weren't watching the royal wedding at 8 a.m." +1

Rock the Red: There's something anti-climactic about defeating the New York Rangers and moving on to face the Tampa Bay Lightning. For one, no one's ever moved from D.C. to Tampa and announced that the city in Florida was hipper. For another, why do they even play hockey in Florida? Yet the Washington Capitals begin their best-of-seven series with their Southeast Division rivals tonight at the Verizon Center. So the hated rivals, at least until we send them packing, will have to be Tampa. And watch out, St. Petersburg—we're looking at you, too. +2

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  • Don’t mess with the gun nuts!

    The gun thing is a mess and it spells disaster for DC self-rule advocates.

    The Second Amendment is settled law, and so is Heller v DC. Congress has oversight over DC, and it's in the Constitution.

    They have made it clear that DC must comply with the Heller decision. In fact, a clear majority - probably in both houses - wants freer access to guns in the District.

    Pissing off the gun nuts and all the Republicans in Congress like this is uncommonly stupid, even by DC standards. You're even pissing off PA Democrats and folks like Leahy of Vermont and Dingell of Michigan. They're also the NRA.

    If it comes down to a battle between the DC 50-whatever and the NRA, we'll get steamrolled and blown away. And we can watch our rights eviscerated while those who demean us laugh and otherwise disregard us.

    This is NOT a battle we want to have.

  • Typical DC BS

    Yes, the whole DC gun ban has been SUCH A BIG SUCCESS. The old saying was finally proven true "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns".

    When you disarm honest citizens, you do nothing but empower the crooks.

    DC officials have done a tremendous disservice over the past decades in foisting this folly on it's residents.