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So Then Why Are the Washington Capitals on AM Radio?

You may have heard that two of the cuddliest folks on the D.C. sports scene have been playing the feud.

Ted Leonsis, a fabulous sports owner turned blogger, went after sportstalk station WTEM-AM in a recent blog post after Thom Loverro, a fabulous newspaper columnist turned blogger (and WTEM host), called the Leonsis-owned Washington Wizards an "invisible franchise."

Leonsis flamed Loverro's medium as much as he did his message.

"I find it ironic that an AM radio station – which I can’t hear at night because of static – calls a fast growing NBA team 'invisible,'" Leonsis wrote. "That is funny."

Well, I listened to the playoff game between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals on the flagship station of Leonsis hockey team: WFED, 1500-AM.

That's when the humor of Leonsis' crack hit me: The flagship station of the Caps, a team the whole region and my household has pinned their sports hopes and dreams to, is an AM signal, too.

I couldn't find the biggest game in town anywhere on the FM dial.

Invisible? Nah. But you could say Caps are inaudible.

That is funny.

(Turns out Ted's having some blog problems today, too.)

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  • 11th

    WTEM does have an infamously horrible signal, AM station or not. i have a hard time picking it up in both rockville and columbia heights. WFED does a lot better.

  • Ron

    It was on channel 4, too.

  • DC Guy

    1500 AM has one of the best radio signals on the east coast.

    980 has one of the notoriously worst. Look it up.

  • Widness

    I generally enjoy Ted's Take and think he is a great owner, but I'm happy to see him called out for this, as I think he was way off base.

    I was driving around during Game 1 and couldn't figure out how, in a city that seems to have fewer than a dozen relevant radio stations, I couldn't find the caps game.

    I believe Maryland basketball games were on 94.7 this past year. You can't tell me one of the easy-listening FM stations wouldn't rebroadcast a playoff game.

    Maybe 1500 AM has a great signal. I only would have to scan through 5,000 AM stations to find that out.

  • worstSeat

    You've missed here, Dave.

    1500 is a Class A and has a clear channel ( of 50,000 watts. I could pick up TK on 1500 when it was WWWT in CHARLESTON, SC in the morning.

    AM 980 is crap. It has to scale down to 5000 watts at night to *get out of the way of clear channel broadcasters on the 980 band*.

    Apple and oranges.